17 tips for an unbreakable bond with your dog

Every dog owner will be able to confirm it; a dog is the best friend you will ever have. This does not mean that this friendship can be taken for granted. Just like any other relationship, such as that with your partner, with your children, family or friends, the relationship with your dog also needs regular love and attention. Read in this article 17 tips for an unbreakable bond with your dog and make sure you really deserve the love and friendship of your dog!

17 tips for an unbreakable bond with your dog

When purchasing a puppy or an adult dog you do not automatically get a good relationship with it. It needs to be worked on, sometimes more than the other. Especially dogs with a luggage, anxious or insecure dogs or the pup who suddenly disappears from his familiar litter and ends up in a house with a complete stranger.

  • Training together
    Having a well-trained dog at home will of course ensure that you experience less frustration together. But in addition to raising your dog, training together ultimately also creates a stronger bond. By training with your dog, you build mutual trust and learn to understand each other better and better. Solving problems by working with your dog is always more fun than having to do it alone.
  • Teach your dog to come back
    Dogs who have learned the command 'here' will automatically enjoy more freedom. Nowadays there are still few places to find where your dog can walk loose, but also in runaway areas it is important that your dog listens to you. If everyone adheres to a certain dog etiquette, walking will be a lot more fun. Make sure your dog listens carefully and comes back to you when you call back the dog.
  • Keep 1-to-1 moments with your dog
    It may sound silly, but when is the last time that you have really sat down with your dog for 1-on-1 time? Nice cuddling, petting your dog, telling your secrets or just hanging on to each other? No distraction from the television, your smartphone or the laptop? Just trust that your dog feels this very well and can certainly appreciate it when you spend time with each other.
  • Take an evening walk
    Just you two, nothing more, just you and your dog. In addition to the usual exhaust rounds during the day, in the evening is nice outdoor to go for a long evening walk with each other. In the evening it is usually a little quieter outside so you can have more attention for your dog. Your dog will be able to enjoy very much to occasionally spend some extra time with you.
  • Practice a fun dog sport
    Working with your dog is not only fun for you, but for your dog too. Make it a challenge to become the best team ever, in any dog sport. In most sports it is even possible to participate in competitions, such as agility with your dog or flyball. Go into battle with your dog and enjoy the successes you achieve together.
  • Feed your dog
    Of course! Every dog ​​needs a healthy diet every day, but this can speak for itself. However, the way you conduct can also contribute to a stronger bond with your dog. Instead of your dog being able to determine for yourself during the day whether and how much is eaten, or that you throw the food into the box and walk away from it, you can give the food occasionally during exercises. Your dog will only find you more fun when the food comes straight from your hands.
  • Respect for your dog
    A lot of the time we are all busy with what we want, like to or not like to do. To strengthen the bond with your dog you will also have to respect the preferences and wishes of your dog. If your dog does not like being scratched on the stomach or when the dog's ears are dirty and he runs away from you, do not do it. There will be more trust if your dog can assume that you will not do any unpleasant things.
  • Make every experience positive
    Sometimes things have to happen that your dog does not like or that your dog even hates. Think of bathing , visiting the vet or cutting the nails . Try to transform these moments into positive experience with everything that your dog likes. For one dog it works very well to use their own toys, while the other dog biscuits work perfectly. For example, if you have a dog hates cutting nails, you can ensure that giving a paw or 'high five' becomes a very nice experience, so that your dog will not be as bad when you have to touch the legs the next time.
  • Play together
    Scientists have determined that the closest child-parent relationships arise with parents who play with their children. This also seems to be the case between man and dog. Playing with your dog is very important and your dog will be able to enjoy this very much, which as a result contributes to a better bond with each other. You can play with the dog toys, learn hide and seek, search games in and around the house or work with your brain for brain work. bond between dog and man.
  • Build trust
    There is no strong bond without mutual trust. This also applies to the bond with your dog. Help your dog to trust you by always staying calm and not losing your patience. When you get angry, yelling or arguing, that is not nice for anyone around you to be present, not even for your dog. Your dog will see you as unpredictable and will not dare to trust you for the full 100%. Always radiate peace so that your dog knows he can always count on you.
  • Set boundaries
    Dogs need clarity. Make sure that the rules for your dog are clear, and also remain. It is important that you really stick to this. It only causes confusion when, for example, your dog is allowed to stay on the couch one day and the day is suddenly punished for the same action.
  • Go on a journey together
    Take your dog with you the next time you travel. Together with your dog traveling will provide experiencing new adventures together, and also make wonderful memories of. The best travel companion that we could wish for during the journey of life is the dog after all, so go for it!
  • Learn the language of your dog
    To properly assess how your dog feels, it is important to learn the body language of your dog. A dog has many different body postures to let you know how he feels.
  • Communicate clearly
    Communication is important to build a good relationship with each other. Prevent misunderstandings and confusion by clearly communicating with your dog . Be aware of your own attitude and immerse yourself in the language of your dog.
  • Treat him occasionally
    Every day the same meal... nobody is happy, not even your dog. Spoil your dog occasionally with a tasty dog ​​snack, a chew bone or a special evening meal. It is also very nice to bake dog biscuits for your dog or to bake a special dog cake when you have something to celebrate.
  • Find out what your dog likes or dislikes
    In order to be able to give your dog what he needs for a happy life, it is important to pay attention to what your dog likes or dislikes. With which games do you make your dog happy? And which snacks? Where does your dog really is jumping joyfully? Also pay attention to which activities, movements and sounds your dog is sensitive and try to prevent this as much as possible.
  • Love and cuddles
    There are several evidences that physical contact such as caring for and petting your dog, reduces stress. Of course, giving love and attention can never be bad! However, in tests with several shelter or street dogs , serious decreases in both heartbeat and the stress hormone cortisol were measured and an increase in the anti-stress and happiness hormone oxytocin. Give your dog also attention by means of loving touches and get a lot of good things in return, a whole dog life!

Written by Tinki in Dog care


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