23 benefits of coconut oil for dogs

Giving your dog coconut oil has many advantages. We have known the benefits of using coconut oil for ourselves for some time, but not much is known using it for dogs. Since Dynah, my 7 years old dog, a cross of Malinois Dog and Stabyhoun has some skin problems, I decided to look for what coconut oil could do for her. In this blog I like to share my findings about the use of coconut oil with for dog.

The use of coconut oil

For years, Dynah have suffered from big itchy spots in her coat and veterinarians all have different opinions. She is now on 4 prednisone tablets per week and it stays pretty much under control. Despite the medication, I found that she still has a lot of itchiness. Since I myself have psoriasis and have noticed that coconut oil on it  softens the itchiness, I decided to investigate whether I could use this for Dynah. Below you can read everything I have learned.

23 benefits for your dog when using coconut oil

Coconut oil for the dog has an antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral effect. That in itself are quite some nice advantages to get further into it. Below you can read which 23 benefits the use of coconut oil even more for dogs.

  • Coconut oil helps to improve skin problems such as eczema, flea allergy, contact allergy and the skin itchiness.
  • It reduces allergic reactions and improves the general health of the skin.
  • The use of coconut oil contributes to a beautiful, shiny coat of the dog.
  • Coconut oil can reduce strong odors of dogs with a smelly coat.
  • The use of coconut oil also prevents and cures yeast and fungal infections.
  • Coconut oil disinfects wounds or cuts and supports healing.
  • When applied to the affected skin, coconut oil helps, among other things, from hot spots, dry skin and coat, and bites to healing stitches.
  • When the dog has dry foot pads with tears in it, you can help to heal this with coconut oil.
  • A final benefit for your dog's skin is that the coconut oil also protects against fleas , ticks and mites!
  • Coconut oil also helps your dog to better absorb the nourishing and healthy substances in the food, such as vitamins A,D, E and K. Also it can make the feces of your dog better.
  • Coconut oil can also help well when the dog suffers from intestinal problems or diarrhea .
  • Does your dog have a bad breath? A little coconut oil does wonders even for this!
  • Finally, coconut oil contributes to a healthy digestion by killing or scaring parasites.
Immune system
  • As mentioned earlier in this blog, coconut oil contains antibacterial ,antiviral and antifungal functions.
  • Coconut oil may reduce the risk of cancer in dogs .
The endocrine and metabolic system
  • Coconut oil regulates and balances insulin and can prevent diabetes or keep it under control.
  • The use of coconut oil supports normal thyroid function.
  • Coconut oil also provides more energy and helps to reduce weight when your dog is overweight.
Musculoskeletal system
  • Coconut oil makes bones stronger.
  • It also helps to reduce inflammation and health issues such as arthritis .
Brain, eyes, ears and mouth
  • Coconut oil supports nervous and brain functions and prevents dementia in dogs .
  • It helps to improve eye and ear infections. You can melt coconut oil well and then use it as ear or eye drops.
  • Coconut oil can also make a valuable contribution to the health of the mouth and can be used to clean your dog's teeth .
Is the use of coconut oil safe for dogs?

Yes, it has been shown by several studies that coconut oil is safe for your dog. These studies show that the use is well tolerated by animals. Even if your dog eats a whole jar of coconut oil, he would probably only get some diarrhea. Unlike many other oils, coconut oil is highly resistant to heat. As a result, it does not oxidize quickly, but it also remains good for a long time. Coconut oil can be kept for about two years.


Which coconut oil should you buy?

In principle you can give your dog the same as you would use, but in my opinion the best is a biological coconut oil in a glass jar. There are many different types of coconut oil for dogs today. Compare them and find the best match for your dog!


Written by Tinki in Dog care


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