4 reasons why your dog is yawning

The reason that dogs are yawning can be different depending on the situation. Think of yourself, why do you sometimes yawn? It is not always because you are tired. It is sometimes very contagious when the person is yawning next to you, you can see it, and will start doing the same. In this blog you can read the different reasons why dogs are yawning.

Reasons why your dog is yawning

Just as often it happens to people, your dog also yawns when he is tired or lazy. When your dog stretches his body, this can also be a sign of fatigue. It is of course also possible that your dog has just slept well and he is in the process of waking up. You probably find similarities with yourself. When you wake up, it is sometimes also wonderful to stretch or yawn. We are all animals after all.

4 reasons why your dog is yawning
  • Your dog is anxious at the moment he yawns. Maybe you have noticed that when your dog has to go to the vet he yawns a lot.
  • Your dog is copying your behavior. When you are tired your dog can take over your behavior and yawn with you. For example, if your dog is sitting on your couch in the evening.
  • Yawning in dogs can also be a sign of relaxation. Your dog will then sleep and be well rested . This is possible for example when your dog is in his dog bed or just on the floor.
  • Your dog feels uncomfortable or is insecure about something. When your dog feels uncomfortable, he can express this by yawning.

As you can see above, there are several reasons why your dog may yawn. To find out what causes your dog to yawn, it is wise to keep an eye on the situation in which your dog is yawning. This way you can easily determine in which situation your dog is yawning. So you can link the moment of yawning to the specific situation.


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