5 possible causes of your dog sneezing

Sneezing is natural for us as well as for our dogs. However, some dogs also sometimes sneeze a bit more often. It can happen when dogs have a cold, but also when there are excited. If your dog sneezes a lot, you can start worrying a lot about your dog's health because there might something wrong. In this blog you will read what happens when the dog sneezes and what the possible cause of the sneezing of your dog might be.

There are 5 possible reasons for your dog sneezing

The sneezing is not always an abnormality. However, there can be several reasons why your dog suddenly starts to sneezing violently. We can imagine that if this happens you can have doubts. Yet this does not always have to be this way. Sneezing can have different causes, just as with people. For example, sneezing does not always have to go hand in hand with medical issues. We have summarized a number of possible causes of your dog’s sneezing.

Read below the 5 possible causes of your dog’s sneezing.

1. Sneezing caused by excitement

Your dog may be so happy to see you again that he starts sneezing spontaneously out of excitement. There is no medical issue in this situation, sneezing is a certain expression in the behavior of dogs.

2. Sneezing caused by sniffing

Other normal behavior for dogs is sniffing a lot. They do this in all kinds of places also the dusty places or sometimes some small object can be sniffed in the nose. This sniffing can cause irritation or itching in the nose causing your dog to sneeze in response to this. This does not have to be a problem for your dog, often they sneeze out the ‘object’.

3. Sneezing in combination with a snot nose

If this does not work, an inflammation may develop in the nose or your dog may suffer from a snot nose. With longer lasting issues it is advisable to have the vet look at it. Sneezing in combination with a snot nose can also be the symptoms of kennel cough, allergies or other health problems.

4. Sneezing caused by irritation

While sniffing, but also while breathing in the open air, other malefactors can also enter the nose and cause the sneezing of your dog. Tingling smells, separate substances or pollen automatically cause your dog to sneeze. Maybe think of hay fever and ways to help it.

5. Sneezing caused by nasal inflammation

If your dog sneezes a lot and also seems to have pain at the nose, your dog may have issue with his nose. Inflammation of the nose can be caused by polyps, bacteria or fungus. Often an inflammation in the nose can be recognized by small blisters or scabs in the nose and your dog does not like it when you touch the nose.


Written by Tinki in Health dog


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