9 different reasons why your dog shows licking behavior

There are several reasons why dogs lick. Dogs can also lick other dogs or animals, as well as people or objects. Below will be explained what the different reasons of dogs can be to lick.

Dogs licking themselves:
  • Annoying wounds
    When dogs suffer from a wound, they clean it by licking it.
  • Care
    Dogs by licking themselves, take care of themselves. They clean their fur. But dogs can also lick themselves in other places to clean themselves. A bitch who is in heat will clean herself more at the place where the blood comes out.
  • Stress
    When a dog licking is himself to an extreme it could be a sign that the dog is bored or has some stressful experiences.
Dogs licking other dogs
  • Being submissive to the other dog
    When one dog is submissive to the other dog you can tell this by the fact that he will be licking the other dog's mouth. The submissive dog will lick the mouth of the other dog as a sign of submission. You often see this behavior in younger dogs and dogs who are reserved in their behavior.
  • Dominant behavior
    The dog who is higher in the rank will lick a dog who is lower in the rank of the eyes, ears or on the back.
  • Wounds
    Dogs can mutually lick each other to take care of the other's wound. But also other animals such as a cat.
  • Care
    A dog with the higher position can lick the other dog in the pack as a sign of care.
Licking People
  • Being submissive to the owner
    When the dog licks the bottom part of the face of his owner. When you find it annoying that your dog often licks you in the face, do not punish this. Your dog means well. You can stop your dog by, for example, distracting your dog the moment he does this to you. Your dog can also lick your hands out of sign of submission. You can recognize this by the low posture your dog has during he is licking your hands.
  • Dominant behavior
    When a dog licks his owner in the upper part of the face, this is seen as dominant behavior. When the dog licks his owner in this way, that should not be allowed.

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