Buying a Puppy? 63 golden tips from 21 experienced dog experts!

Do you have plans to buy a puppy soon and there is nothing that makes you happier than the idea of a new fluffy creature running around  your home? Will purchasing the puppy make your dreams come true?  If that is the case then congratulation on doing the research! It is very important to be well prepared. Luckily this article will provide you with needed information. So enjoy it!

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21 Experts in one Article

Nowadays, you can hear plenty of negative stories related to getting a pup that are probably far from what you imagine this experience to look like. Remember that the knowledge will always put you in the lead. For instance, you can avoid being fooled by the breeder and buying a sick puppy. Do you think you are prepared? Not yet? With the 63 golden tips in this article you will make the first step in the relationship with your puppy correctly. We have asked a group of 21 experienced dog experts to give you the top 3 tips from each of them. Below you will find the results:


Master of Science in Animal Sciences aan Wageningen University

Tip #1 Take your Time!

What do I mean by taking your time? You see, when you are choosing your keep in mind that you are actually choosing your new friend, that will keep you company for the next years. Probably you have met people in your life that you just cannot stand, right? This is it.  You have to keep in mind that different dog breeds have their own characters and characteristics. For instance a little Bichon is a completely different dog from a large Great Dane. Not every breed will be a match for you. Are you energetic or rather lazy? Keep in mind that an energetic dog, like a Husky, will not let you stay on the couch the whole day. On the other hand you cannot take a Pug for a 10 mile jog with you if you do not want to end up carrying him the whole way. Ask yourself if you are enough strong willed  to handle an intelligent and stubborn breed. If not go for a type of dog that is easily trainable. I hope by now you get the idea. Analyze yourself and make a thought through decision!

Tip #2 Character in the first place

The most important in a puppy is the character and it should be your number one criteria. Even when you find the one that is just the cutest! If there is simply something that you perceive as annoying think twice. Of course having requirements such as a certain color, the gender and so on, it is  completely fine. However keep in mind the more conditions they are, the more time it will take to find the one puppy, which is not necessary a bad thing.

Tip #3 Choose the Breeder Carefully

Choosing the breeder is important step and it needs your attention. By definition, a person who has only one liter is automatically a breeder. There are different types of breeders, from  a single-time breeder, through a hobbyist to a professional breeder. The kind that you should avoid is a pet shop or a puppy trader. You should never buy a puppy this way.  Breeders should bring puppies to the world out of love to the breed and not for the profit. So when you get to the breeder’s place check if puppies are behaving healthy, happy and friendly.Keep in mind that the mother of puppies should ALWAYS be present! Puppies never go to a new home before they have 7 weeks. The best period of time to pick up a puppy is between 8 and 10 weeks.

Marianne van Vugt

Owner of Bergse Beesten Boel

Tip #4 First get a Puppysitter

When you know you will not be able to stay with you puppy all the time, arrange the help first. Very often puppy daycares have waiting lists. Keep it in mind to save yourself the stress.

Tip #5 Buying a puppy while planning a holiday?

If that is the case, you have to make sure that you are going to a place that accepts animals. And since the summer holiday is usually fully booked at the end of winter you have to plan in advance.

Tip #6 Realize that you once you will have to say goodbye

Realize that you and your new dog should be together as long as you are both alive. Be aware that once the dog is aged, but sometimes even when it is  just a puppy something might happen and you will sometimes have to make choices for your dog that are not fun. You have to deal with that.

Esther Bos

Owner of Autism Counseling, Dog Finn

Tip# 7 Look at the Mother

When you have a chance, glance at the mother of your puppy. How does she look like? How does she behave? Is she healthy? How is her character and appearance? If she looks very scared or is aggressive, treat it as a warning sign.

Tip#8 How do puppies react form the nest?

Observe how the puppies are reacting from the nest? How they respond to sounds, the breeder and to yourself. This will give you a good impressions what are they used to and what are their characters.

Tip#9 Look around the Breeder’s House

Look around the house. Judge if it is  clean and neat. Or it is  dirty and not hygienic? Remember that puppies are very vulnerable so they should be in a sterile environment. A proud breeder will probably willingly walk you around showing you pictures, prices and telling lots of stories.

Harm Verwey

Hunting Dog Enthusiast

Tip#10 Always do the Research

Always read carefully before the purchase. Read about the breed, the breeder, the basic training, the potty training, what to feed the puppy, how much sleep is needed and so on? If you read enough you will feel confident and will not experience any panic attacks.

Tip#11 Do not take an overly energetic dog as a family pet for a busy family

Do not take an overly energetic dog as a family pet for a busy family, the dog will get more active and needs more attention once he grows up. Make sure to take a good look at the breeder and think about what dog will fit your family. Ask the breeder for advice.

Tip#12 Do not take a hunting dog if you do not have time for more than three walks

There are breeds who need a lot of movement and mental challenges an good example is a group of hunting breeds. If you decide to get a puppy of this kind you have to know that this puppy will need time and attention. When dogs do not have an opportunity to lose energy, and no, three ten-minutes walks are not enough to do it, he will become frustrated…in case you do not know the dog’s frustration him being very annoying.

Annemieke Lobbezoo

Passionate Dog Lover

Tip#13 Think it through...just one more time

Make sure that you are confident that a puppy will come at the right time in your life. The puppy should be wanted. If there are more people involve, everyone should be equally enthusiastic about the new furry housemate.

Tip#14 do not buy a puppy at a marketplace

At the marketplace, many puppies are offered for sale, but this is usually not recommended. Personal contact with the breeder, preferably in the neighborhood, seems more trustworthy. This way you can hold back conversation if you are uncertain about something and possibly resign in time.

Tip#15 In addition to time, money must also be an important consideration

In addition to time, money must also be a topic that was research and noticed. To do this, it is useful to set up a basic budget for the things that you know you have to spent for the basic puppy supplies. This will give you an overview of what you can expect.  Additionally, it is useful to invest into a dog insurance  and keep some amount aside for unexpected extra expenses.

Eline Poeze

Kynological Instructor at Beatus Dog School

Tip#16 Do you know the breed you want to purchase in depth?

Do you already know everything about your future dog? What are the characteristics of the breed?  character traits?  what is the race history (work, hunting etc.)? Common health issues?. Not every breed is suitable as a domestic dog, so you will have to adapt your education and training (and expectations!) To the breed.

Tip#17 Go for a good breeder

Look for a good breeder. For me, they are then affiliated with the Kennel Club, one bitch has had no more than three litters, you can see both of puppies’ parents while the visitation, the breeder goes through the obligatory medical care of puppies in the first weeks of their life, the puppies are use to children and other animals as well as smells, sounds and different situations. You can of course also get a pup out of shelter, but you can hardly expect that they have had a good socialization and will follow easily your education and training, but it is still possible.

Tip#18 Imagine that a puppy must learn everything

Imagine that a puppy needs to learn EVERYTHING so it will be the best case scenario if you are able to be at home for the first few weeks. You will have to spend a lot of time on bench training, obedience  training , getting the puppy use to being alone, getting used to the new place, walking on the leash, and so on. Find a good dog school for puppy training and more.

Nenny Smeenk

Ambulance Driver at the Dierenhulp Zeeuws-Vlaanderen Foundation

Tip#19 Read a lot

Read well before purchasing a puppy. Make sure you understand what it takes to get a puppy and also ask yourself what your personal motivation for buying a puppy is.

Tip#20 Remember how much time you can spend on a puppy

Consider how much time you can spend on a puppy, not just the first months, but for at least 7 to 15 years depending on the breed.

Tips#21 Understand which dog suits you and your situation

Do you understand which dog suits you and your situation. Do you want to work with the dog? Or do you just want to buy a puppy for the company? The key is understanding your needs first before taking a responsibility for other living creature.

Jolanda Dekker

Owner of 3 Miniature Bull Terriers and a Jack Russell

Tip#22 Understand how much a puppy costs, but not financially

What I often see about is that people do not realize how much a puppy costs. My first tip is therefore to think about why you want a dog, who lets him out, who does the long walk and how long is the dog alone during the day?

Tip#23 And what if you want a holiday?

And what if you want a holiday? Are you taking the  dog on vacation with you ? Who else looks after the dog? Does the dog feel comfortable with this person? Do you choose a shelter? What are the possibilities and what does it cost? And how your dog will feel left behind?

Tip#24 Consider what a puppy will cost

Please also consider what a puppy’s needs, next to the purchase itself,  will cost?  You should think of nutrition, medical expenses,  dog insurance , what if your dog gets an allergy etc. Can you pay this?

Debbie Rietveld

Proud owner of her young dog Ozzy

Tip#25 Do you have the time to feed a puppy?

So do you have  enough time? When having a dog, and especially a puppy, you will always need more time than you initially thought. A puppy has to be housebroken. The meaning behind this statement is that he will need up to 10 walks per day. And you are lucky it can be few weeks but if you are not it can be months. Let me ask you again. Do you have time? Time and patience? Cleaning up the first ‘accident’ is not a problem, but the 10th and 20th, it is  becoming frustrating. There are also other aspects such as: No, do not eat my shoe! Stop! Sit! Here! Of the couch! Come!…it takes time for a puppy to understand what are the boundaries and to understand what do you want from him. Even if you will successfully go through the puberty period, keep in mind that an adult dog also needs physical exercise and affection from you. If the yours best offer are three ten-minutes walks per day on the leash, than maybe a dog is not a right pet for you. What actually do you know about these animals? Yes, they bark, they chase their tails. However, there is way more that they do and need. So read about dog behavior and various breeds. Read books, google you questions, check articles at 123Tinki.com or ask people who are owners. do not be shy! Make a conscious decision.

Tip#26 Expenses are unavoidable

This is an expensive investment. Next to the purchase itself the puppy checklist goes on. Examples are a dog bed, a collar, a leash, toys, potty pads, bowls, snacks and maybe a crate. Some of those products you will buy once or only a few times in the dog’s life. However, there are costs that will never stop. Dogs have to eat everyday. The better quality food is generally more expensive. Let’s not forget about the vet! There all sorts of expenses around the dog. There are mandatory vaccinations, unexpected operations, and routine check-ups. Consider a dog insurance that might cover some or all the costs. Of course, you have to pay for it. However, those costs are more predictable. 123Tinki.com offers the opportunity to compare all dog insurances so you never pay too much.

Tip#27 The dog you dream about might not be the right fit

This advice comes from my own experience. Ever since I was a little child I was in love with German Shepherds. When a friend of mine got one, Jojo.  I was crazy about this dog! What a great dog Jojo was. Slim, faithful, playful, protective, trainable, but there was a ‘but’. This is not a breed for a beginner. Still, when I started looking for a dog for myself my first thought was obviously a German Shepherd. Preferably ten of them! After more detailed research and observation, I took of my sunglasses and realize that we are no match. My friend spends four hours per day walking and training his dog and his dog can join him at work. Whereas I live on the fourth floor with no elevator. My apartment is not really big and I have a tiny balcony. My friend had everything this breed needed: time, space and experience. I had almost the opposite.


Well, what to do after a breakthrough like this? I accepted my decision and moved on to the search. I was looking for dogs for adoption form age of 3 to 5. With the help of the same friend I ended up with a small, 12 weeks old Goldendoodle puppy. I took him on my laps and he decided that he was comfortable there. Whenever I was trying to put him down he was crying and scratching my legs. Now he is 1 year old and his name is Ozzy. He is perfect. Ozzy fits perfectly into my lifestyle, and he fits into my house! Did I want a Goldendoodle? Nope, did not even think about it to be honest. Does he fit? Yes he does! He is my best friend, and I would not trade him for a German Shepherd. Look beyond what you want, and those cute noses and beautiful puppy eyes.

Angelique Tetenburg

Proud Owner of a Dog Adopted from Romania

Tip#28 Follow your feelings

I think that when buying a puppy you must especially follow your feelings. A sale must feel good so that you can fully stand behind it.

Tip#29 Choose a good breeder

Would you recommend the breeder from whom you want to buy the puppy to your friend? If not, then either consciously or unconsciously you know it is  a bad choice.

Tip#30 Is your puppy well taken care of?

Are you confident that the puppies are good and are you making a good choice by buying a puppy with this breeder?

Thessa van Leth

Dog Obedience Instructor and Flyball Trainer

Tip#31 Visit different breeders

Always visit different breeders, just to see how the situation is and to compare them with each other. Then you can form an opinion and make a conscious choice.

Tip#32 Look at different litters

Not only visiting different breeders it is helpful. Look also at different nests so you can also see the differences between all pups with your own eyes.

Tip#33 Make pros and cons on paper

Make a list of all the pros and cons for yourself when you want to buy a puppy. For example; why this or not this breed, why or not this pup? It can prevent you from making a decision based on those big puppy eyes and silky coat.

Tijn Sturkenboom

Dog Lover and Owner of ‘Help, I have a dog!’

Tip#34 Do not let yourself be blinded by the puppy fever

Often when people decide to buy a puppy, there is a certain excitement around this topic. They would also like a puppy because they look “nice” and the puppies are so cute. Having a dog is also very fun! However, do not let yourself be blinded by the puppy fever and make sure that you weigh advantages and the disadvantages.

Tip#35 Dogs cost time

Dogs cost time. One more than the other. There are a number of things to keep in mind when buying a puppy, for example: coat care , walks, puppy course, play time etc. Remember that a puppy cannot and should not be alone for too long.

Tip#36 Ask yourself, how much the pup needs?

Also, consider how much space the puppy needs and what you can offer. One dog needs a more space than the other. There are also dogs that do not care much about it or just barely need any space.

Eveline Vineyard

Responsible Powerbreed Owner

Tip#37 Buy your puppy at a recognized breeder

Buy your puppy at any recognized breeder, so do not encourage the puppy mills business. Make sure you see the mother and her puppies in good condition. Ask for possible tests for hereditary disorders within the breed.

Tip#38 Have patience with the puppy

Be patient with the puppy. Do not expect your puppy to learn everything in a short period of time. This requires a lot of time, attention and patience. Also have patience with the potty training process, this lasts longer with one dog than the other.

Tip#39 Always ask for help when you need and an advice

Never give up on yourself or your puppy when you face some problems. Always turn to an expert and receive help on time. do not feel bad about asking, this is what dog experts are for.

Liza Mutsaers

Dog Lover and proud Owner of a Bernese Mountain Dog

Tip#40 Talk to a vet or a local dog school

Before buying a puppy talk with the vet or a local dog school. They can always tell you things you have not been aware of.

Tip#41 Take a week off

When you decide to buy a puppy inform you employee that you will take a week off. At least one week is you have an opportunity stay as long as possible with your puppy. You need to teach the puppy a lot. That is not going to work if you work all day.

Tip#42 Purchasing a puppy is not only fun

Buying a puppy is not just fun. Also think about the financial side. Your puppy deserves the best food, you cannot save on it. So ask yourself if you can pay it off.

Renée van Dooren

Veterinary Assistant

Tip#43 Take care when buying a puppy

Mostly, people who want to buy a puppy they first look at a marketplace. As a tip, I would like to tell you: If you find an ad of a puppy you are looking for, check if the advertiser may have more ads and other breeds (pups), if someone offers more than one breed, then it is usually he is running a puppy mill.

Tip#44 Where is the puppy located?

If you come to the breeder for the first visit, look around where the litter is located. Is it inside of the house, in the garage or a remote shed? Naturally, the best answer should be at home. It is also important that the parents are present. In any case, you should see the mother with the puppies.

Tip#45 The puppies must look well fed and healthy

Furthermore, it is of course important that the puppies are well fed and healthy. Look carefully at the following points: clean nose, eyes, ears, genitals and anus. No excessive bloating of the belly .

Esther van der Vloet

Owner of ‘Diertastichshop’ webshop

Tip#46 ​​What should you think of buying a puppy?

When I briefly summarize what to think about when buying a puppy, I comes down to the following: be patient, be persevered, expect a relapse, remember that the punishment does not work and provide sufficient rest time to your puppy.

Tip#47 Are you familiar with the latest upbringing techniques?

Raising a puppy is a lot of work. Get into the latest upbringing techniques. A puppy on his throwing up, biting, jumping and more! Even if your trainer, breeder or vet does not say that. Be consistent with the rules you apply and be patient; Sometimes your puppy seems to know the rules, but after a week or two, somehow there are gone. Just start the process again and do not get angry.

Tip#48 A pup must be socialized

A puppy must be socialized, by course, by meeting the neighbors and other dogs. It is very important for your puppy to know how to behave in different situations. However, keep in mind that all of these incentives can make your puppy very excited and to forget about his exhaustion. Give your puppy a “compulsory” daily rest schedule.

André Martens

Dog Grooming Salon Owner ‘Samowoets’

Tip#49. How much time do you want to spend on the care of your dog?

Ask yourself when to buy a puppy or how much time you have and want to spend on the care of the dog. Dogs with long-haired fur need a lot of care comparing to for example a short-haired Doberman.

Tip#50. Dogs can lose a lot of hair

Dogs even ones with short-haired coat are shedding seasonally. These hairs are sometimes found every day at home, on your clothes or in the car. Be aware of this.

Tip#51. What do you know about the breed’s fur?

So you made your mind about the breed? But have you checked the coat care that you have to prepare for? Do you know what are the costs of grooming? On average it costs between $30 and $65 a month. When you choose the saloon do not just look at costs. Look at qualities like the training period(should be at least 3 months) and experience of its employees.There are many bad dog groomers on the market who are not adequately educated and have no experience.

Jennifer Spitsbaard

Project Manager of Project BAS

Tip#52 Make sure you really want a puppy

I can recommend that when you want to buy a puppy, you must be sure that you really want it to. Not only now, but for the coming years.

Tip#53. Can you handle it?

It is also important to ask yourself if you can handle it. The puppy’s upbringing and the care of a dog is very demanding.

Tip#54 Compare a puppy with a baby

I even compare the first days with a puppy at home with a baby. it is a small creature that has to learn everything how to communicate, how to use ‘toilet’, how to behave. The most important however is the fact that the puppy is fully dependent on you.

Anke van Haften

Writer of the “Tikkel Stories” and the book “Good cancer does not exist!”

Tip#55 Let the dog choose you

My first tip for when you want to buy a puppy is: Let the dog choose you … (this was a case with me and Tikkel)

Tip#56 Check if the papers are all correct

Check while buying a puppy if the papers are all alright and maybe even visit the vet to sure.

Tip#57 Prepare yourself well

Prepare yourself for the arrival of a puppy at home. What kind of dog do you really like and can have in your situation?

Bram Vroon

Owner of French Watchdog( Franse waakhond) and Manager on the estate “au bout du monde”

Tip#58 do not lose your head!

Stay sober when the puppy fever will reach you. The moment when you will get the first glance at those fluffy, soft balls and catch an eye contact you may fall in love at sight. it is more convenient to stay a bit more cold-hearted to make a clear choice for yourself. Before you get the puppy try to find owners of the adult dogs of the desired breed. Observe well if this breed fits well with you, and if this is what you expect from your dog.

Tip#59 The first face-to-face encounter with your puppy is very important

This is a very emotional tip. When you have a contact with a puppy for the first time, try to stay calm and then try to feel what is the first impression after you see each other. Your sensation and certainly the dog’s reaction can say a lot about the relationship that you are going to build in the future. Of course there are exceptions from the rule.

Tip#60 Also look into the shelter

you are probably going to buy a puppy, but maybe it is also an idea to consider another option? The shelter is full of dogs that definitely deserve a “new” and good life, which they do not have. You can always go look and choose an (almost) adult dog from the asylum and ensure that he can get the best possible future. It can of course be a dog with a “luggage” and this should fit you. This is often known by the employees of the shelter. I have made this choice and I’m happy with my decision.

Edith van Groningen

Blogger, Columnist and Critic with years of experience with home dogs

Tip#61 Look first at yourself

Before buying a puppy, I think it is important to start observing yourself, doing research well and then taking the real steps in the search the right puppy. Be patient with buying a puppy. Do not be tempted by seeing such a cute woolly ball dog. Do not want to be too excited too fast. Wait and inform yourself well what it means and what you want to start. This cute puppy quickly becomes an adult dog. Do not be impulsive, it is a living creature you the responsibility for years.

Tip#62 Carefully calculate the needed budget

Beforehand, carefully calculate what a pup costs and write it down on paper. Not only the purchase but especially aftermath: vaccinations, veterinary visits, basket, leash, toys, food, puppy course, dog tax etc. Make a good overview and be honest. Can you financially accommodate your puppy that will soon become bigger? Do you have savings if your dog gets sick and will have health problems? Or do you opt for the monthly costs of a dog insurance policy ? The cost of a dog is often underestimated.

Tip#63 Decide with the family

Consultation as a family (including children) are very important. All of you have to agree with each other. The heads should nood unanimously at the end. Discuss the puppy’s breed and whether you all have the same purpose in mind. Does the puppy turns into a quiet bed dog, or an energetic working dog? Great distance walks or just round the block? If one family member does not agree with another you will experience frustration later on. Your future dog deserves a nice place where everyone knows the rules related to the dog.

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Waar kun je nog meer rekening mee houden?

If you thought about everything from this article. Congrats! You will be a future puppy’s owner. Now is time to search for your new treasure. As you know by now the process is not simple. Finding the right puppy is related to many difficult choices. But to avoid disappointments it is important to switch of emotions and use the knowledge you’ve gained so far. Every puppy is cute and sweet and pretty and they smell so good but… wait! Emotions off. Now the which one is the one based on the character? 123Tinki.com would therefore like to help you make the right choice when you want to buy a puppy and share as much information about dogs as you we can.


Did you know?

123Tinki.com has an online puppy training that teaches you everything you need to know about the first 30 days with your puppy at home. The training is put together by experienced dog experts and contains around 27 hours of training in the form of: 75 training videos, 245 frequently asked questions and their answers, 51 handy exercises and step-by-step guides. View the online puppy training

An ocean of possibilities!

Once the decision is made is time for action. Naturally, you are excited but remember take your time. The purchase of the puppy is an expansion of the family. You will soon realize that there are a lot of options. First of all the choice of the dog breed and then the breeder. Try to imagine this number.

Find the match

Every breed, actually every single dog has his own character. Just like us, people. Imagine that you have to live with your least favorite person in the world. Not the best vision? This is why you need to be well informed and well prepared for this process.

Go only for the best match

After your research you might suddenly realize that the dog you have dreamed about is not for you at all. Maybe the dog that cannot stay home alone is not meant for you busy schedule. The benefit of the information that you have collected can save for issues like separation anxiety or destructive dog behavior. In some case of truly bad match it can lead to relocation of your puppy. Therefore be responsible now and give yourself and your puppy a chance for a happy and healthy relationship.

Puppy for sale

Now that you probably have a good idea of ​​which dog may or may not match with you, or perhaps you may have set your mind on a particular breed, you will slowly start looking for puppies for sale. Also in this journey you will be amazed at the wide range of puppies. 123Tinki.com wants to warn you immediately that not all of the addresses are reliable. Dog traffickers and the breeding farm(also puppy mills) supply most of the puppies. Although you will soon be inclined to think that these puppies also will end in a loving house, unfortunately, seems to be the opposite.

Why not a Puppy Mill?

In this article you have probably noticed that there was no encouragement to buy a puppy from any other place than a licensed breeder or a dog shelter. There is a reason behind this stand. Of course when you see a puppy in a cage in very bad environment you want to help this innocent animal as soon as possible. However, look at this as the mechanism of the demand and supply. Once you buy a puppy from such a source, the maternal dog will be impregnated again and the whole vicious cycle just goes on. So the only way to stop it, is to stop the demand on puppies from puppy farms. Pups from this illegal world carry a high risk of infectious diseases, skin disorders or other anxiety due to poor care. Sometimes even results with death. The price for a puppy will then be much lower than with a recognized breeder, but the high vet costs and early death of your puppy are definitely not worth it. So, in your search for a litter of puppies, do not hurry to make a decision, but do research on the breeder.

What should I look for when buying a puppy?

Eventually you will find one or more addresses where there is currently a litter of puppies or it is schedule of the breed or kind of dog you have fallen for. Getting to know these people, but also the dogs, is the first step you will make. By conducting an interview with one another, you can decide if you feel a click with these people and whether the way the dogs are kept is caring and responsible. Not everyone wants to keep contact in the future, but it is so nice to once in awhile see your dog’s breeder. Especially when you buy a dog for the first time, you may have many questions in the coming period, and an interested breeder will be happy to assist you.

The mother and the nest

During a visit, you can also judge whether the puppies and their mother get the right care. The environment where mother and pups stay must be clean and hygienic and preferably aesthetic to the people in the house. The first weeks of puppies life at the breeder’s place are important because they can and should get use to sounds, scents, situations, children and other dogs. This is the foundation of the socialization training that you will have to go through in the future. The mother dog must be able to have her own quiet place where she can rest. The puppies must also have a peaceful environment at their disposal so that they do not get overwhelmed at this young age. When the puppies are a couple of weeks old, the mother must have the opportunity to get out of the puppy room. Growing puppies’ teeth are nipping on her harder and harder which is, of course not always more enjoyable, and she can decide for herself when the meal time is for them.

When can I take my puppy home?

This topic is a bit tricky so be careful. The generally accepted age to pick up your puppy starts from 8 weeks old ends at 12 weeks or sometimes even older. it is a decision of the breeder and the circumstances when he will let you come. Be aware that some states prohibit selling puppies aged under 8 weeks. You can get familiar with State Laws Concerning Minimum Age for Sale of Puppies to make sure you are not breaking the law.

Use the time to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of buying a puppy

This waiting time is, of course, very suitable for you to get to the core of the purchase of a puppy. For example, what supplies do you have to buy before the puppy comes home? To which vet do you will go with your puppy in the coming years? And at which dog schools are you going to attend a puppy training? Do you have to take days off from your work for the first few weeks or is there a schedule in the house with the rest of the family members? How will the first days and nights with a puppy look like? What else can I do to socialize the puppy and what else does it look like in a puppy’s upbringing? Fortunately, you found 123Tinki.com, and you can read a lot about different topics here, and before you know it is the time to take your own puppy home!


Written by Tinki in Purchase dog


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