Can a dog drink from a pond, puddle or ditch?

You probably recognize this situation. You walk with your puppy or an older dog in a free-range area and your dog runs around nicely. Your dog will get thirsty and will drink the water from a pond, puddle or ditch or jump into the water. But is that good for a dog? Does your dog not get sick because of the water and do you have to go to the vet with your sick dog? Or worse is it perhaps so harmful that your dog can die? In shallow ditch water and water that is standing still as in a pond or puddle, blue algae and botulism can occur. Read this to get to know what can happen with your dog after jumping in or drinking from such places.

What is blue algae?

Blue algae belongs to the group of cyanobacteria. Most species are very poisonous to the dog. Dogs can get contaminated water during swimming. Symptoms can occur within a few minutes. But it can also take three to five hours before the first symptoms occur. Symptoms are: breathing problems, drowsiness, drooling, vomiting. diarrhea, no coordination feeling and cramps.

Insurance for your dog

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What is botulism?

Clostridium botulinum is the name of the bacterium that causes botulism. This bacteria multiplies rapidly in water in which dead animals or fish are found. And usually in shallow standing water that is 20 degrees Celsius or warmer. This bacteria occurs throughout the world. Dogs can become infected with this bacteria when they swim in contaminated water and swallow it. Between three and seven days the dog can get the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stiff walking, muscle weakness, paralysis, no appetite and thirst and paralysis of the respiratory muscles to which the dog eventually dies.

Do I have to go to a vet?

When your dog has swum in suspicious water, immediately rinse off his fur. By licking the coat your dog can also become infected. Do not allow yourself to come into contact with the contaminated water. With the first symptoms, contact a veterinarian immediately.

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