Can dogs be cold or suffer from the cold?

Have you ever wondered if your dog can get cold and if he can suffer from this? Always wanted to know if your dog is really cold during the winter? Whether those shivers actually come through the cold? Read in this article all about whether dogs can get cold.

Can dogs be cold?

Yes, a dog can be cold. And no, a jacket is not sad and in some cases even necessary. How do you recognize that a dog is cold? Look carefully at his body language. Do you see him shivering? Is the dog a bit uncomfortable (often with a rounded back)? Or is the coat on the back a bit up and apart? Maybe your dog is cold during the walks and can be helped with a dog jacket . First let your dog get used to wearing the new winter coat . The first time your dog has to wear the coat can be somewhat uncomfortable.

Do all dogs suffer from the cold?

The typical snow dogs are obviously better suited to winter temperatures and weather conditions. It is mainly the smooth and short-haired dogs, but also the nude dogs, which can be very cold in the winter. But do not forget the very small dog breeds , sometimes they walk with their tummy through the wet grass or the cold snow. You can imagine that it is not always warm and pleasant. Do not let your dog stand, sit or lie outside for a long time while walking. But make sure your dog is in good motion when he is outside. If it is wet weather in addition to cold, dry your dog off at home to avoid hypothermia. In the winter, do not go out with your dog any longer than necessary in extreme weather conditions.


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