Tips about walking: how long and how often can you walk with your puppy?

Have you got a puppy? Do you wonder how long and how often you can walk him? How much he can run? Do you need a puppy walking guide? In this article you can read everything about walking with a puppy.

Walking with a puppy

When your puppy is still very young and has just started living with you, you will not walk with him a lot. In the context of the potty training you already get outside quite often with your pup, but this does not necessarily have to be further than the corner of the street or the dog park. It is wise to take it easy at the beginning. Your puppy is in a very intense growing phase. An overload and exhaustion at this age can cause some serious consequences in the future. Only a few times a week you can safely go out with your puppy for the necessary socialization. Keep in mind that the time of socialization should be about meeting other dogs and not about the physical exercise. A pup gets enough physical activity during running and playing around the house. Occasionally enjoying a good time is great for every puppy and yes, they can have it! However, allow this in calmness to spare your pup’s energy and also to teach that it cannot always be that much fun.

How long can a puppy walk?

Your puppy will love all of the walks. I might be tempting for you to make your walks longer. A puppy will not figure out straight away that he is tired and wants to go home as an adult dog will do. Since he does not know his limits you have. Also keep in mind that you have longer legs. One step of yours might be five of his steps. Your puppy will not run in one straight line, but will regularly deviate from the path and also regularly speed up his pace or run with other dogs. To determine how long your puppy should walk about at a time, you can use the following options per walk: 4 minutes per age of your puppy in months. For a puppy of 3 months this amounts to 12 minutes and for a puppy of 4 months to 16 minutes. 1 minute per age of your puppy in weeks. For a puppy of 12 weeks this comes down to 12 minutes and for a puppy of 16 weeks on 16 minutes. Walking a little longer with your puppy is really not bad, these are only guidelines! But it is always better to walk more often throughout the day than just one, very intense time.


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How long do I have to build up walking with my puppy?

Your puppy is still growing incessantly and being very vulnerable. This process is slowing down slowly with age. It can take up to year and a half of your dog’s life. It is therefore not wise to let your puppy walk for a long time or to have many consecutive rapid movements. Running after a ball is very exhausting for a puppy, just like jumping or making turns while running. Try to keep your puppy calm while walking to avoid triggers. This overload can cause many problems in later life for some dogs. In order to be able to run with your puppy, you will really have to wait quite a few months first.

During a walk that is a bit longer than planned, you can also choose to rest together on a bench or to lift your puppy for a while. When your dog gets too heavy, this is of course no longer possible. Handy tools for having a decent walk are dogs buggies. Would you like to go cycling for a short time then there are even special bike trailers for your dog . This way you can enjoy a great time together, without tiring your puppy with a long walk.

While walking with the puppy

Your puppy walks with you quite some distance. Especially when other dogs walk along, it may be that your puppy goes too far over his own limits while playing. Although it is wonderful to let your puppy run loose, and you certainly will not hear the puppy complaining about it, it is important to protect your puppy. You can teach your puppy to walk on the leash. The sooner you teach him to to it the more beneficial it will be for you later on. Do you have more than one dog? Then it is also wise to protect your puppy from time to time so that they do not play together all day long. A dog’s bone is a good solution to give your puppy a moment of a distraction and rest.

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