Looking for the best male dog names?

Finding the best name for your new dog can be a hard task. Good male dog names can be hard to find! After all, what we classify as good might not be good to you. But that does not mean we cannot be of help! You can get inspired by us or find your special boy dog name in a different category. On 123Tinki.com we have a database with over 38.000 dog names so there will definitely be a few in there that you like! You can find them categorized in things like movie inspired dog names, French dog names, cool puppy names or even something like dog names starting with C!

Examples of good boy dog names

To inspire you a bit already, here are a few examples of great boy dog names!

  • Max
  • Buddy
  • Charlie
  • Luka
  • Odie

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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The perfect dog name

Best male dog names

To help you find the perfect name for your dog we have different tips and tricks for you. First of all you could use our dog name generator, you might have seen it already! The generator can help you sort all the names from our database, to find the names that you like. Besides that we also have some tips for you and hope to inspire you with enough examples!

Something special

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If there is one thing we really want you to remember at all times it is that you should take your time. You do not have to rush a decision like this one. Your dog’s name is something special and you will be the one that has to call the name for the rest of your dog’s life. Make sure you absolutely love the name and will still enjoy it in a few years time as well!

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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A history of dog names

The best male dog names can also be found in our past! Through the years many dogs lived in this world and enlightened the lives of many people. Some dogs even did very heroic things! Some of those dogs might inspire you with their names. Maybe you are about to own a German Shepherd and want to name him after the war hero Nemo! Or calling your new St. Bernard Beethoven is also really cool!
If there is one name you probably would not as easily name your dog, it is that of the dog called Abuwtiyuw. Which might be a bit hard to pronounce. But, the story of Abuwtiyuw is really nice. Abuwtiyuw is the first dog name recorded in history! In 1935, the Harvard-Boston expedition led by George Reisner, stumbled upon an inscription on a grave that indicated the burial of a dog. This was very special because in the time of the burial, only noblemen and kings were buried like that. The Egyptian King worshipped his dog Abuwtiyuw so much that he gave him his own grave! A beautiful example of the special relationship between human and dog.


If there is one very famous and good example of the exceptional loyalty from dogs, it is that of Hachiko. Hachiko was a Japanese Akita that lived in Tokyo between 1923 and 1935. Hachiko and his owner walked to the train station every morning, his owner went to work and Hachiko kept waiting at the station. When his owner returned from work Hachiko was still there. Sadly, Hachiko’s owner passed away before him. Hachiko kept waiting at the Shibuya train station for his owner to return but he never did. Never leaving his spot, Hachiko eventually died. A statue was put in his place and you can still find it there at the Shibuya train station to this day.


A name that you might not consider a good boy dog name but it is definitely unique. For dogs at least. Nemo A534 was a German Shepherd war dog, he served in the Vietnam war. On one evening during this war, Nemo and his handler were attacked by the Viet Cong. Nemo got shot in the muzzle, the bullet leaving through his mouth and his handler got wounded as well. Nemo stayed with the soldier and protected him from anyone wanting to do him harm until help arrived. Due to his injuries, Nemo’s right eye had to be removed and the dog lived out his life in peace as a recruiting dog at Lackland Air Force Base.


Another very special story about a dog is the story from Greek mythology about Odysseus and Argos. Argos was Odysseus dog and lived with Odysseus and his family from when he was a puppy. Although this story is from Greek mythology and probably never actually happened, it is very inspiring. Odysseus left his family to go to Troy when Argos was still a puppy. After 20 years Odysseus returned, disguised as a burglar, to check on his family. No one from his family recognized Odysseus except Argos. Argos stood in front of him, wagging his tail and whimpering. Then, with a final howl, the dog died. Finally content with seeing his owner again.

Tips for choosing the right name

To help you find that one perfect name and make sure it is actually a really good dog name male, we have some tips for you! What makes a dog name good? There are a few aspects you should consider when getting to that perfect name. These aspects are the length of the name, the sound of the name, complexity and time. We will discuss them all with you right now!

  • The length of the dog’s name
    One very important thing about dog names is the length. Which means that there is a certain amount of syllables that works best for dogs. Dogs love clarity, they need things to be clear and consistent. Some breeds are a bit more lenient on this but some breeds do really need structure. Giving your dog a long name that takes a while to shout out, will not be very convenient. Stick to a name of about one or two syllables, that is best. This way the name will be easy to call out and you will not confuse your dog with shortened versions of his first longer name. Keep it simple!


  • The sound of the name
    Just like the name should be too long, it also needs to sound right. This comes in different aspects as well. The name has to sound fun, first of all. You need to love it when you hear it and it should absolutely suit your dog! Besides that, there are certain letter that do really well for dog’s ears. For example the letters ‘s’ and ‘t’, these are letters that can be emphasized and pronounced clearly which is all dogs really need! You can practice the names you have so far out loud to check how they sound. Imagine your puppy in front of you and say the name, you will soon feel which name is best!


  • The complexity
    By practicing the name out loud you will also realize the complexity of it. You have to be able to pronounce the name clearly. This is something you will realize when practicing out loud. Also practice in different situations, or imagine them. You should be able to call the name excitedly, stern, in emergency situations etcetera. Dogs love clearity, their name is a command to them. It means that they do not perceive their name as actually their name. It simply means they have to pay attention to you and know that quickly after, another command will follow. Keep this in mind and stick to a short and simple name, just like all the other commands!


  • Time
    You might not immediately realize what time has to do with this but it is quite important. You have to remember that it is okay to take your time. Honestly, you really do not have to rush this decision at all! Take your time to find that one perfect name, even if you feel like you have been looking for ages already. You are the one that has to call the name for the rest of your dog’s life so make sure you absolutely love it. Think it through and also consider the fact that you will still have to like the name in a few years time as well!

Great dog names male

To inspire you a bit more and give you what you need with still have a few of the best boy dog names ever up our sleeve! Great dog names male are not hard to find, we have listed the ones we really like below!

Best male dog names ever according to us, the ultimate list:

  • Charlie
  • Dex
  • Google
  • Bobby
  • Odie
  • Luka
  • Buddy
  • James
  • Marley
  • Max