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You are looking for a dog name. So that means you are getting or dog or you just like to be prepared. Whatever the case may be, can help you with that. We offer many aids and the handy dog name generator to make the quest for a dog name easier on you. In addition, offers lots of information about dog names. Nobody can decide for you what type of name you like or what name fits your dog best. You are the only one who can do that. However, can show you how to do it. It is a part of the preparation for a new dog and every dog owner has to do it. Depending on you and your dog it might take a lot of time and effort to find the perfect breed dog name, but in the end it will be definitely worth it. You will have to use the breed dog name daily, and probably quite a lot. So if you take your time now you will benefit from it for the next 12 to 15 years. You will be rewarded with the perfect breed dog name and it will be a quite personal dog name because you put so much time and effort into finding it. This type of dog name will probably also work much better during training. Because with the tips of you made sure that you pick a breed dog name that fulfills all the criteria for a good dog name. Your dog will be quick to learn the name and it will be easy for him to recognize the breed dog name between all of the others words you say. So make sure to take your time, do not hurry the decision and in the end you will be rewarded with the perfect breed dog name that you can use for the next 12 to 15 years.

How do you find the perfect breed dog name?

Finding the perfect breed dog name does not have to be difficult, just follow some easy tips and you will be able to find the perfect breed dog name yourself. It is smart to start sorting the dog names according to breed. Just looking for general dog names will give you lots of choice and you will probably feel overwhelmed by all of the names there are. If you look for breed dog names, you will make a pre selection according to your dog’s breed. This excludes names that will not be a good fit for your dog and this ultimately makes your final choice a lot easier. The best way to find a breed dog name depends on you. Do you already know what type of breed dog name you would like? Or do you have no idea yet? can help you in both cases. If you have no idea, the best approach is to look at as many different breed dog names as possible. You will quickly get an idea about what things you like in a dog name and what things you do not like. Look at as many breed dog names as you need to get a good overview over the different possibilities there are. Try to write down every breed dog name you initially like, do not limit yourself and just write down lots of breed dog names. 

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Breed dog names

The next step is to try to say the different breed dog names out loud. You might even want to try to call out the different names. This will quickly give you a feeling how it would be to use the dog names in real life. And in addition to that, you find out if you are comfortable pronouncing the name. Breed dog name can also be foreign dog names, if that is the case, make sure that you are able to properly say the name. You will have to say and call it quite a lot, so you should feel comfortable doing so. If you already know what type of breed dog name you want, you can look for specific types of dog names. Use the dog name generator of and you will receive whole lists of dog names according to your preference.

Choose the perfect name

Even if you narrowed down your selection of dog names that you would like, it can still be difficult to make the final decision for one breed dog name. You might want to try to postpone that decision. Pick your top 3 breed dog names and then wait until the dog has been living with you for a couple of days. This gives you the chance of getting to know the dog better and then you will know which of the names is perfect for your puppy.

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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Breed dog names through the years

Dog names have changed throughout the years. The first reported dog names stem from ancient Egypt. Pharaoh’s used to name their favorite dogs. This only shows that even back then, dogs played a special part in the life of humans. Some of the dog’s where even buried with special honors after their deaths. This honor was usually reserved for noblemen and royalty. So dogs really played an important part in the lives of humans, even back then. This special relationship between dogs and humans continued throughout the years and grew stronger. During the middle ages dogs were often used as guard dogs or to protect their owners. Stray dogs were seen as a nuisance and there were still lots of dogs without a name. Nowadays, that is unimaginable. The bond an owner has with their dog has changed a lot since then and there are barely any dogs around that do not have a name. Or do you know of one? The type of dog names have changed as well, typical dog names from the middle ages were Nosewise or Blanche. Those dog names are not common anymore, today. The number of dog names was a lot smaller, as well. And that was as recently as a couple of decades ago. If you ask your grandparents, they probably know a few neighborhood dogs that were called Rover or Buddy. People simply did not have that much choice back then. There were a couple of typical dog names and because of social conventions, people usually chose one of those names. Trends and fashions around dog names have changed and nowadays you can basically name your dog whatever you want. There are also a lot more dog names available. There are whole books filled with different types of dog names and countless websites claiming to have the perfect dog name for you. Dog names follow the same trend as children’s names: the crazier the better. In a world were people call their children North and Apple, there is basically no limit for dog names. Feel free to choose any name you like, how crazy it might be.

What kinds of breed names are there?

There are many different types of dog breed names. If you know what type of dog breed name you like, you can look for that specific type. But also if you have no idea yet, you can start by looking through all of the different types of breed dog names to find out which you like best.

You already started to sort the dog names by breed, but you can also look for gender specific dog names. There are typical male dog names, that are often strong and tough, but also female dog names that are typically soft and cute. Of course, you can also choose a unisex dog name. This is also a great type of breed dog name.

Another option to sort dog names is by nationality. There is so much choice. How about German dog names or Italian dog names? If you are a fan of European dog names you might also like French dog names. And then there are also Chinese dog names and Hawaiian dog names. Lots of people also like to look for native American dog names. And there are many more foreign dog names to discover.

Another way to sort breed dog names is by first letter. Just try to look for dog names that start with a or dog names that start with b. This is a very organized way of looking for a dog name.

Once you are looking for breed dog names it is a logical next step to also look for dog names by color and dog names by size. Big dog names can be a lot different than small dog names. And there are also names for black dogs and names for white dogs. The advantage of taking this approach to look for dog names is that it enables you to find a dog name that not only fits your dog’s personality but will also be a perfect match for the way your dog looks.

Furthermore, there are other ways to personalize the dog name according to your own taste. Just get creative and look for the perfect dog name for you. There are cute dog names, unique dog names, cool dog names and even funny dog names.