Are you looking for dog names by color?

Everybody who has tried to look for a dog name knows how many different dog names there are. You will get overwhelmed by dog names and it is difficult to find a starting point for your quest for a dog name. Starting to look for dog names that specifically fit your dog’s color can narrow down the choice and make it easier for you to find a good dog name. You will ultimately be able to find a dog name that perfectly fits your dog and can easily give it a personal touch. It will help to exactly find out what type of dog name by color you like and which will fit your dog best. You can use this specific search criteria to find the perfect name for your dog. It does not matter if you adopted a grown dog from the shelter or are getting a new puppy from a breeder. Every dog deserves a nice and well-thought-out name. The great thing about dog names by color is that they are so versatile. You can sort dog names based on color and look for names for small dogs or names for big dogs. You can even look for dog names sorted by color and then look for special dog names for certain breeds. There are endless possibilities to help you narrow down the search and help you to find the perfect dog name by color. There is a chance that the search for a dog name might take a lot of time and effort, but in the end it will be definitely worth it. Once you made the final choice for a dog name based on color the work only just starts. You will have to teach your dog his new name by color and then you will have to use the name for the rest of your dog’s life. Most dogs will reach an age of 12 to 15 years, so make sure to take your time to find the perfect dog name by breed.

Naming dogs through the years

The tradition of naming a dog is almost as old as mankind itself. The first reported cases of dogs that were given a name stem from ancient Egypt. The pharaoh used to name his favorite dog and even got buried together with his dog. This is proof of how much dogs have meant to humans, even that long ago. Because the tradition of naming a dog is so old, there is a long history of dog names by color. The trends and customs around dog names based on color have changed over the years. Dog names by color that were popular a couple of decades or even centuries ago are oftentimes not used anymore today. Nowadays, other dog names by color are popular. Another thing that facilitates the change of trends surrounding dog names by color is the growing possibilities of help with finding a dog name. There are whole books written about the topic and countless websites that claim to be able to help you find a dog name. There was a time where the dog name was not as important and people usually just picked on from a couple of typical dog names, like Rover or Spot, for example. If you had a black dog, there was a good chance that he was called Blacky. Through the years, the dog developed from a working animal to become more of a companion. Most people consider him to be part of the family. So he deserves a nice name. People put lots of thought into the dog name and do not just settle by any dog name based on color. It has to mean something, fit the dog and be a name that the owner really likes. Just like children’s names, dog names are becoming more crazy. There is basically no limit to your imagination, you can choose any name you want as your dog’s name. And lots of people do that, they use their dog’s name as a medium for self-actualization and come up with the craziest names.

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Dog names by color

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Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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Popular dog names by color

There are typical dog names for dog’s of certain colors. They can often be the word for the color in another language, the name of a shade of the color or an object or person that is connected to that color. Typical names for white dogs are Snow, Feather or Coconut, for example. Those are all traditionally white and also make great dog names. Another typical name for white dogs is Angel. White is a color that is connected to being pure and immaculate, just like angels. There are other names that are typically used for red dogs. Like Chili, Crimson or Rusty. Those are all chili is a color, as well as an object that is typically red, crimson is a shade of red and Rusty derives from the word ‘rust’, which is also red. Typical names for silver and gray dos are Ghost, Wolf and Gray. Gray is self-explanatory, in this case, the name of the color itself makes a great dog name. Wolfs and ghosts are often silver or grayish of color, so these names are a great fit for any dog of that color. Buttercup, Caramel and Amber are great names for blond, gold and yellow dogs. They remind you of the color and people will probably be able to guess those dog’s color without even seeing them. Brown dogs are often called Bear, Teddy or Woody. Especially big and fluffy brown dogs are often called Bear or Teddy, because they can look a bit like a bear. Woody might be a good name for a small brown dog, because it is a rather cute name. Other names do not directly refer to the color, but rather the pattern of the fur. There are special names for multi-colored dogs, like Checkers, Patches or Skittles. They do not only refer to the different colors of the dog’s fur, but also to the pattern of the dog’s coat.

Dog names based on color black

Owners of black dogs often use the color of their dog as an inspiration for a dog name. Owners want a dog name that is just as distinctive as the look of their dog.

These are some popular names for black dogs:

  • Blacky/ Blackie
  • Shadow
  • Raven
  • Darkness
  • Demon
  • Ebony
  • Angus
  • Noir
  • Velvet
  • Charcoal
  • Carbon
  • Asher

Dog names by color and breed

In addition to looking for dog names by breed, you can also look for dog names by color and breed. This will help you to make a decision by narrowing down the selection of different dog names even more. You will have an easier time looking for a dog name because you are searching more specific. Looking for dog names by color and breed can be especially handy for breeds that can come in different colors. Labrador retriever, for example, can come in lots of different breeds. So it is great if you can search for dog names for a yellow Labrador retriever, but also for dog names for a black Labrador retriever. Because of the differences in appearance, there are different names that suit a black Labrador retriever than a yellow Labrador retriever. Other breeds that can come in different colors are shepherd breeds, for example. And there are many more breeds, of course. Just do your research, take your time and you will find the perfect do name based on color for your dog in no time.

How to teach dog names by color

Once you have found the perfect dog name by color for you dog, the work is not done yet. Now you have to teach your dog that nice name you chose. There are some simple principles to follow in order to teach your dog his new dog name by color. First of all, try to create a positive association with the name. Wait until the puppy looks at you, call the name and then immediately give the puppy a treat. After a bit of practice you can start calling the name without the puppy looking at you first. There is a chance that the puppy will turn his head towards you, when you call his name. Reward him for every time he does this. The next step is to get the puppy to make contact with you. Call his name and hold the treat between your eyes, this way the puppy learns to look in the direction of your eyes when you call him. Again, reward the puppy everytime that he looks at you. Now it is time to reduce the amount of treats you give to the puppy. Start to not reward every time you call your puppy’s name. After all, you do not want to have to give your puppy a treat every time you call his dog name by color.