Looking for unique female dog names?

You must be looking for unique girl dog names because you are about to get a new dog! That is very exciting, congratulations! Of course your dog deserves a beautiful unusual girl dog name. Every dog deserves a beautiful name! And the best thing is that it does not matter what everyone else does. You get to choose! You are the owner, it is your decision. We are only here to help you. Our database has over 38.000 dog names and we have a very handy dog name generator to help you find out what names you like most. Whether that is still unusual female dog names or something completely different, like top 10 female dog names or Disney dog names. Whatever you like, it’s here!

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Choosing the right name

Unique female dog names

When it comes to picking one name eventually there are a few things you should take into account. These are your personal preferences, the sound of the name, the length, the complexity and your dog’s character. If these things are all good, the name will be perfect. Choosing the right name can actually also be seen as really easy because if you find that one name that is perfect, it will be the right name. A name is perfect if you love it, remember that!

The dog name generator

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Our handy tool, the dog name generator, can help you find out which names you like most. It works very easy. Once you are inside you will find a panel with filters on the side. These filters can be switched on and off to whatever you prefer. If you select ‘female’ and ‘unique’ you will find all the unique female dog names from our database in one list. Select the things you like and create all kinds of lists! So easy!

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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A brief history of dog names

Through the years there have been quite a few famous dogs that did something special. They might not have unusual female dog names but their stories are quite extraordinary, which makes the name slightly beautiful as well. Besides that, picking a famous male dog name for your female puppy can also be unique and unusual!

A story of a brave female dog that has to be named in this list is that of Laika. Laika was a stray dog from the streets of Moscow, picked up by Sovjet professors to be trained to go into space! Laika was a mixed breed but looked a bit like a Jack Russell. Laika is quite a good dog name so maybe it will suit your small dog! Laika was trained to stay in confined spaces and live off fluid foods. She was the first dog to orbit the earth but sadly did not make it back home. The spacecraft she was in was destined to burn up in space, she was never going to make it.

An obvious example of a famous dog, who was female, is of course of the TV character Lassie! Lassie went on a mile long journey back home to be reunited with her family. It is a big adventure and it became a very popular movie. Later a TV show about Lassie was made and is still aired nowadays. Although the character of Lassie is a female dog, the dogs that play her are all male. This was because male collies have a longer, thicker fur that looked better on screen. This makes Lassie a great unisex dog name!

Another lovely story about a heroic dog is that of the honored war dog Smoky. Smoky was a small Yorkshire Terrier, found in an abandoned foxhole in the jungle of New Guinea. The soldier that found her sold her to another soldier and he kept her. This soldier was named Wynne and together with Smoky he survived the war. Smoky was never seen as an official war dog so she did not receive the veterinary care other war dogs did receive. But smoky did receive battle stars for her time! She survived a typhoon and saved Wynne from many shell attacks etc. A true hero!

Get creative!

Besides famous dogs through history, there are more ways you can find unique dog names for female puppies. You can get creative yourself! If you have a list with a few names already. Switch up the different syllables. Take the first syllable of one name and last of the other. Maybe you are able to create a whole new name! This way you will truly find all the original female dog names you need.

When creating this new list of original girl dog names you are getting pretty far already. But of course you are not there yet because you still need to find that one and only name! Maybe there is one name that is simply it, it is perfect. Or you are not quite sure yet. If this is the case it is important that you do not lose faith. You will find that one name eventually, give it some time!

Tips to find the one and only name

When you have a list of your best girl dog names unique, you still need to find that one and only name. You can do this by checking a few things about the names. Do this by practicing the names out loud, literally call them out! When doing so, check the following things: complexity, the length and the sound of the name.

The complexity of the name

A dog name should never be too hard to pronounce. You need to make sure you are always able to say the name as clearly as possible. You might be able to pronounce a long name like Bartholomeus right now but when you find yourself in an alarming situation, it will not be as easy. You will quickly change the name to Bart because dogs listen better to a clear and short name. Switching between Bart and Bartholomeus all the time will be incredibly confusing for your dog, especially if he is a young puppy. Keep it simple!

The length of the name

Complexity and length go hand in hand. The longer the name is, the complexer it becomes. This is why the same counts as above, keep it simple. Keep it short! Do not make it too hard on your puppy or yourself. Stick to a name of about one or two syllables and do not switch between long names and abbreviations all the time. If you keep it easy and fun now your dog will learn to listen to his name quickly.

The sound of the name

One thing that is just as important as the two above is the sound of the name. This implies the way you pronounce the name or certain letters. Research has shown that certain letters are processed really well by dogs. For example the letter ‘s’ can be pronounced loud and clear at all times, which is good. Check the letters you are able to pronounce clearly and also letter combinations. Names ending in ‘ey’ or ‘ay’ will do good as well. This also explains why names like Bailey, Charlie and Max work really well.

Best female dog names unique

Here is a list of some awesome unique girl dog names that we really like. Maybe there is one here that is perfect for your new puppy!

  • Faye
  • Inari
  • Pearl
  • Primrose
  • Adara