Looking for good names for black dogs?

Trying to find the perfect name for your new dog or puppy can be a hard task. There are many things you can take in consideration and many things you absolutely have to remember. After all, once you pick a name it will be final. This is one thing that makes it really important to think well on the decision. Whether you are looking for the best names for black dogs or are simply interested in finding some examples, we can help you. Because we believe that every dog deserves a beautiful name and think that it can be a hard but definitely important decision, we have created tools, tips and tricks to help you. One of these is our dog name generator that can show you any name you want. If you want to know what is a good name for a black dog, you simply select ‘black’ in the generator and it will give you everything you need. This way you can find anything you need. From dog names meaning red to Disney dog names to dog names starting with M. Anyway or anyhow, it will be available in the dog name generator!

Good dog names for black dogs

A few great names for black dogs are listed below to inspire you!

What’s a good name for a black female dog?

  • Berry
  • Dakota
  • Velvet

What’s a good name for a black male dog?

  • Espresso
  • Shadow
  • Bear

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Good names for black dogs

After searching through the dog name generator it could still be difficult to choose the right one. Your dog will probably become your best friend and the relationship between you and your dog is very special. Your dog deserves a beautiful name. To find the perfect name we have some more tips that might help you.

Tips from Tinki

You know the breed of your dog and maybe you have already seen your upcoming puppy. It could be fun to choose a name which really reflects your dog’s true personality. Such names are often very strong because they will always remember you of your dog. Just take your time and you will be rewarded! You could view the lists of outdoor dog names, hip dog names and dog names meaning friend.

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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A history of dog names

Dogs have been around for quite a while now. Since humans have started to domesticate them and keep them as pets, we have come a long way. Nowadays dogs are really part of our families, or at least they are in our modern western culture. An example of the beautiful relationship that grew between man and dog is that of Abuwtiyuw. You might not even know what that word is or means but it is the name of a dog! On a discovery through Egypt in 1935, an inscription was found in the great cemetery. This inscription indicated the burial of a dog named Abuwtiyuw which was quite extraordinary. In those times only noblemen and kings were buried that way. The Egyptian King had his dog buried with honors because he worshipped and loved him so much. When the dog died the king gave him his own grave. This is proof of how special a bond between human and animal can get. Of course we don’t need proof for that, we know! Maybe the dog you are trying to find a name for now is your first dog, or maybe you have had dogs for awhile now. Then you will know how special this bond can be and if you don’t, we are sure you will soon realize. Cause it is, truly beautiful.

Through the years there have been many famous dogs, some which have beautiful names, other with beautiful stories. To help you get inspired we will give you a few examples of famous dogs through history.

Diamond was Isaac Newton’s dog. The small dog was not very famous for heroic actions, his owner was more famous. But as we said, the relationship is special so if your owner is famous, as dog you are too. Diamond once almost destroyed 20 years of valuable research by knocking over a candle and setting papers on fire. Not very heroic indeed. Newton ‘s reaction was simple; ‘Oh Diamond, how little do you know what you have just done.’. No reason to get upset because how could Diamond know what he really did?

Another famous dog from history is Laika. Laika was a stray dog from the streets of Moscow, picked up by professors to train her for space. They trained her to be able to stay in small spaces and feed of the liquid food that can be brought into space. Laika was the first dog to orbit the earth! Sadly she was never meant to survive because the spacecraft was designed to burn up in space. Later, a research showed that Laika already passed a few hours into ride due to heat and stress.

Good names for black dogs could of course be names from famous black dogs! Maybe you can already think of a few yourself, do they fit your dog?

Another famous dog from history is of course the famous Japanese Akita, Hachiko. Hachiko became famous for his extreme loyalty. Everyday he walked his owner to the train station in Tokyo and when his owner returned from work, Hachiko was still there waiting for him. When Hachiko’s owner passed away, Hachiko kept waiting in the same spot. Day in day out, never leaving. Later when Hachiko himself passed away, people put up a statue of him in the spot where he always sat.

The importance of a name

As we said, dogs have really become part of our families. Which makes it more and more important for us to give our dog a name that suits them perfectly. This shows through the trends in dog names as well. Over the years we have given our dogs more and more extraordinary names. Nowadays people really do not look up anymore when a dog is called Bubbles, Duchess or Coco. Anything you like, you can pick! The most important thing when doing so is that you check a few things. Check if the name suits your dog, after all he will carry it for the rest of his life. Also check if you are able to pronounce the name clearly in any possible situation. Practice out loud! Does it sound fun and clear? Then it could be perfect.

When thinking about the importance of giving your dog a name you should also consider the sound. Some sounds work really well for dogs. For example the harder sound of the letter ‘s’ is a good tone for dogs to perceive. This is why names like Duchess or Bubbles work so well. Names ending in ‘ey’ or ‘ay’ work good as well. The most important thing is to think about the length of the name. The longer the name is, the more complicated it will get. Not only complicated for your but also for your dog. Especially if you are to call the name in a hectic or dangerous situation, the shorter the name the better. Besides that, longer names will easily and often be shortened which is not beneficial. Calling your dog Alexander and then once in a while calling him Alex will be very confusing, especially for a young puppy.

Think about it this way; every command we ever try to teach our dogs are short and clear terms. A dog listens better to ‘sit’ then long confusing sentences like ‘please sit my darling’. A dog’s name is a command as well. To your dog it means ‘hey, I have to pay attention.’, it lets your dog know that another command follows. So no, a dog will not know his name is a name or what a name is in the first place. But do not let that fool you! Your dog will understand your emotions behind the name. If you are sad and call your dog, he will really understand your feelings. Which really is the beauty of dogs. They can understand us so well. Giving your dog a name is the first start of that beautiful relationship you are about to create.

More tips from Tinki

Of course we want to leave you with a few more tips. Because when it comes to dog names, you really do not want to make a hasty decision.

  • Our first tip, especially handy if you just started looking for names, is to maintain a list. Every name that you like, write it down. This way you will always be able to look back and forget any names. After you have quite the list you can start taking further steps of course.
  • Use the dog name generator. Our dog name generator can really help you figure out which names you like. Or help you sort out the right names from our immense database. 123Tinki.com has a database of over 40.000 dog names so a little help sorting out the right names can never be bad.
  • Get creative! Especially if you have a list of possible names, from either keeping a list yourself or maybe because you used our dog name generator, and this list is quite long. You can mix up syllables from different names and try to create a whole new name yourself!
  • Take your time. Really, you do not have to rush this decision. Think it through and make sure you eventually choose a name that you absolutely love. No matter which way you look, what you are searching for. Whether it be ‘good names for dogs that are black’ or you decide to look at Disney dog names. Take your time. Eventually you want a name that you love and will still love after a few years as well. Remember that and make sure you have really thought it through. Good luck!