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India has an old culture and it is full of gods and other famous people or creatures. So it should not be a problem to find some famous Indian dog names to choose from. Use the dog name generator of to put in your preferences of “famous” and “Indian” and request a list with names that all fit these preferences. Then you can just look through the list in order to pick the name that you like best. You might be able to recognize Indian names, but how are you supposed to know what Indian names are popular? That is where we can help you. We can offer you a list with Indian dog names that are famous, so you know for sure that whatever Indian dog name you choose it will be popular.

Examples of famous Indian dog names

  • Khan (Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood actor)
  • Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi, leader of Indian Independence Movement)
  • Khali (The Great Khali, professional Wrestler)
  • Modi (Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India)
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Famous indian dog names

Not a problem just try to use the dog name generator to get some more ideas and get inspired. You can try and look for famous dog names or Indian dog names. But of course you might completely change your mind.

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Then you could try and take a look at funny dog names or even creative dog names. Just make sure to take your time and do not rush the choice for a dog name. You will have to use your dog’s name for the rest of his life.