Are you looking for dog names meaning bear?

If you are looking for dog names meaning bear you probably have a big dog. Or maybe you do not. Dog names meaning bear can be nice for all kinds of dogs. They are especially suitable for dogs with lots of fur like Bernese Mountain dogs or Chow Chows. You could try to look up the word ‘bear’ in other languages and try that for a dog name but there are also names from cartoon bears or dog names that mean ‘bear’ but have a more hidden meaning. There are different types of dog names meaning bear. Just take your time and look at lots of different names. Also try to say a few of those names out loud, sooner or later you will come across the right name for your dog.

Examples of dog names meaning bear:

  • Ben (originated from Germanic languages and means ‘bear’)
  • Björn (Old Norse meaning ‘bear’)
  • Dov (Hebrew for ‘bear’)
  • Nita (means ‘bear’ in a native American dialect)
  • Otso (means ‘bear’ in Finnish)
  • Urs (German, derived from the Latin ‘Ursus’ which means ‘bear)
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Dog names meaning bear

If you change your mind or cannot find a nice dog name that means ‘bear’, then you should start to also take other types of dog names into consideration. You could try to look up dog names with a meaning and get lots of names with lots of different meanings. If you already know what you want, then there are also dog names meaning ‘protector’ or dog names that mean ’survivor’.

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If you are looking for another type of dog name there are dog names that mean ’loyal’ and dog names meaning ’friend’. Of course, you can also use your dog’s name to show your love for him, the try and look for dog names with the meaning ’love’.