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You have finally made the decision! A new four-legged furry friend is coming to live with you! How nice! Now all that is left to do is finding a dog name. One option is to look for popular dog names. This has several advantages. But even with top dog names, there are still some things to avoid and other things you need to take into consideration. As with all types of dog names, always take your time when you are looking for most popular dog names. There are so many things you can do wrong. It is not difficult to pick the right popular dog name, but you need to know how. So is here to help you with that. Follow the easy tips and guidelines that provides you with. Just do your research and you will find the most popular dog name in no time.

What are top dog names?

The easiest approach to find top dog names is to just use google and click on the first link that pops up. But you need to be careful with that. Always do your own research about popular dog names. There are different dog names popular in different regions and you still need to make sure yourself that it is suitable as a dog name. Furthermore, you should not only listen to what other people think about the possible dog names. Also make sure to take your own preferences into account. You are the one that has to use the name for the next 12 to 15 years, so make sure that it is a name that you really like. There are lots of top dog names that you might not like. Many other people do like that name and that is the reason that it is a top cool dog name. But it is not mandatory for you to like the name, just because other people do. It is much more important to pick a dog name that you like, basically, your own popular dog name. One tip to help you find your own top dog names of all time is to start with using the dog name generator of Just put in ‘popular’ as a filter for the dog name generator and you will receive a whole list full of top rated dog names. Then you can simply read through the list and write down any name that you like at first sight. In order to make your final choice and pick a single dog name, you should try to say the different popular dog names from your list of favorites out loud. This helps you to get a better feeling for the different names and you will quickly find out which of the popular dog names you like best. Saying and calling the different popular dog names imitates your real-life use of the name also imagine yourself in the dog park or in the woods calling the names. Because that is what you are going to do. Only settle for one of the popular dog names if you really like it and feel very comfortable calling and saying that, in private as well as in public.

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Popular dog names

You will have to call the dog by his name for the rest of his life, so it needs to be a name you like. If this is the case, you can definitely change the dog’s name. This is easier than you might think it is. Do you want to know what dog names are popular or are you looking for a nice name for a puppy or an adult dog? has an overview of the most popular, original and funniest dog names for you!

Find the most popular dog names

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Now you know which dog names are popular and we hope that you are a step closer to finding the perfect dog name for your new dog. Sometimes you have a really original and crazy dog name. If you adopt a dog from the animal shelter it is possible that you do not like the name he was given.

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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What are not so popular dog names?

After doing a bit of research about top dog names, you might change your mind and would like to look for the opposite: not so popular dog names. Unpopular dog names have several advantages. First of all, you will not encounter other people with the same name. Dog names are quite personal and when you choose a most popular dog name you will be one of many who calls their dog that name. It really gives a personal touch to be the only one around with a certain dog name. Another advantage of not so popular dog names is rather a disadvantage of popular dog names. If you meet other dogs with the same top dog name, it might confuse your dog. He hears his name called by someone else and might be confused about what to do. Should he follow the command and go up to the stranger or just ignore the command and stay where he is? Especially if you are in a phase where you are teaching the puppy or dog certain commands, this could be bad for the dogs training. It does not have to be like this, though. There are so many people that chose top rated dog names and do not have a problem, at all. It really comes down to personal preference. So above all, pick a name that you really like. It does not matter if popular or not so popular.

Should you choose very popular dog names?

It is completely up to you whether or not to choose a top dog name. There are advantages but also disadvantages to popular dog names. After reading about both you will be able to decide on your own if you would like a popular dog name or a not so popular dog name. The advantage of a most popular dog name is that there is a good chance that it is a pretty good dog name in general. There is a reason that so many people used it as a dog name before you. Popular dog names often have proven themselves to be nice for dog and owner. So when you choose a top dog name you will know that you have made a good choice. With unpopular dog name you often have to check the criteria for a good dog name yourself. Does it have the right length and sound? Is it a nice name for a dog? Is it not too similar to other commands or names? Popular dog names can save you lots of work while still being very good and nice dog names. But there are also disadvantages to top cool dog names. There is a good chance that you meet quite a lot of dogs with the same name on your daily walks or in the dog park. Are you okay with that or would that bother you? Your dog could get confused when other people call his name and that would be bad for his training. Think about this fact. Try to think about advantages and disadvantages of a popular dog name and then make your own decision about it.

Can you teach a new top dog name?

Current trends and fashion decide what dog names are popular. Especially people who are susceptible to the opinion of others choose for this type of dog name. They want others to think that they chose a nice dog name and want others to have a favorable opinion about them and the dog name they chose. If that is the motivation behind a dog name, there is a chance that you would like to change the dog’s name once there are other trends surrounding dog names. That is not advisable at all. If you can prevent it, you should never change a dog’s name. They are used to that name and it will be quite hard to teach a new one. It will also confuse the dog and might undo some of the training you have worked on so hard. Of course, there are some cases where changing a dog’s name might be necessary, then you can choose a new popular dog name. An example for a case where a name change might be necessary is for dogs from the animal shelter that have been abused and neglected in the past. Their old name might remind them of negative experiences of the past and actually be an obstacle for positive development. Then it would be absolutely necessary to teach the dog a new name. In this case it might be nice to pick a popular dog name for your new four-legged furry friend.

Top dog names 2017 or popular dog names 2016

If you use the internet to search for top rated dog names you will quickly see lots of websites that claim to have the best popular dog names and that they know exactly which names were most popular in what year. These lists of top dog names 2017 or popular dog names 2016 can be a good starting point. They offer lots of inspiration so that you can find your own dog name. You need to be careful, though. Always do your own research and check if a popular name is in fact also a suitable name for a dog. Do not just believe everything you read when you check the internet for popular dog names. You are the one that will use the popular dog name the most, so make sure that you really like the name, as well. The best advice for finding a popular dog name is to take your time and do your research. Do not hurry the decision and look through lots of different top dog names. Sooner or later you will come across the right name for your dog.

List of top dog names

  • Bailey
  • Max
  • Lucy
  • Bella
  • Jack
  • Maggie
  • Rover
  • Rocky
  • Charlie
  • Luna