Looking for unisex dog names?

Finding the best name for your new dog is all you want of course, which is completely understandable! Every dog deserves a beautiful name that truly suits him. Thankfully we can help you a very long way with that! Of course, the decision is always up to you but we hope to inspire you where necessary! On 123Tinki.com you can find over 38.000 dog names that will definitely include a good name for your dog. You can find all the names categorized in categories like Disney dog names, Spanish female dog names, cool puppy names or even something like dog names ending on ‘y’!

Examples of boy and girl dog names

Unisex dog names are dog names that we believe are suitable for both male and female dogs. A few examples of names like that are in the following list!

  • Sam
  • Abbey
  • Nicki
  • Ash
  • Shay

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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The dog name generator

unisex dog names

To help you sort out the names that you might like you could make good use of our dog name generator. Since our dog name database is so big, a bit of help sorting out the names that apply to your personal preferences is not a luxury! The generator works very easily, you simply select what you like and the generator is able to give you a list of suitable dog names for your puppy!

Male and female dog names

Male and Female Dog Names

Unisex dog names, you might wonder what that really is. Well, they are names that are both suitable for male and female dogs. In our generator you will be able to find boy and girl dog names that go together but will also be able to simply select ‘unisex’. Then you will find all the dog names that we consider to be suitable for both boy and girl dogs! So according to us, the best unisex dog names!

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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A history in naming dogs

Years ago, when even western people still saw dogs as working animals, dogs were sometimes simply called dog. It was also common to give your dog the same name as the dog before him, some people still do that! It does make things a lot more easier. Of course you want a name that is original, which makes unisex dog names an even better choice. Special dog names can be found in stories from the past as well, with beautiful meanings too! Let yourself get inspired by the following stories!

  • Abuwtiyuw
    This name might not be very good example of the right dog name but it is a good story! Abuwtiyuw is the first dog name recorded in history. His story also shows that he is an example of one of the first domesticated dogs. When George Reisner led the Harvard-Boston expedition in 1935, they stumbled upon an inscription on a grave. This inscription indicated the burial of a dog called Abuwtiyuw. What was so special about this was the fact that it was a grave! The time the grave was made, only noblemen and kings were buried that way. Not dogs. The Egyptian king worshipped his dog so much that he gave him his own grave!


  • Nemo
    The story of this German Shepherd war dog is a very heroic one. Maybe you are about to own a German Shepherd, Nemo would be a lovely name! Nemo served in the Vietnam War and was handled by a soldier called Robert Throneburg. On one night, Robert and Nemo were on a patrol. Nemo sensed the attackers before they had the chance to attack and together with Robert, was able to rule out two Viet Cong enemies already. Then the shooting started and both Robert and Nemo got shot. Robert fell down, Nemo was shot in the muzzle but stayed with Robert to protect him until help came. They both survived the attack. After this, Nemo lived out his life at Lackland Air Force Base in the US.


  • Argos
    This story might not sound very realistic but it is a good one! Besides that, Argos makes a really good dog name. It is short, catchy and quite beautiful. Argos is a dog from a Greek myth. Argos was Odysseus’ dog but Odysseus left him and the rest of his family when Argos was still young. 20 years later, Odysseus returned to check on his family. He was disguised as a burglar and no one recognized him. Except for Argos, Argos did. The dog stood in front of him and wagged his tail. With one last whimper the dog died on the spot, content with seeing Odysseus again.


  • Smoky
    Smoky sounds like quite a good unisex dog name, doesn’t it? Smoky was a small Yorkshire Terrier that was found by a soldier in an abandoned fox hole in the New Guinea jungle. This soldier sold Smoky to another soldier called Wynne. Wynne and Smoky became really good friends and Wynne shared his provisions with Smoky. Together they survived a typhoon and several attacks. Smoky warned Wynne and his fellow soldiers for incoming missiles which was incredibly heroic. Thanks to Smoky, they survived. After this, Smoky received several battle stars even though she was never considered an official war dog during the war.


  • Hachiko
    This name is a very good example of a unisex dog name as well! You could name a female or a male dog Hachiko, or even Hachi! It all sounds lovely to us. The story of Hachiko is amazing as well. Hachiko was a Japanese Akita that live in Tokyo with his owner from 1923 to 1935. Together they walked to the Shibuya train station every morning. There, his owner went to work and Hachiko waited at the station. When his owner returned from work, Hachiko was there waiting for him. Sadly, Hachiko’s owner passed away before him. Hachiko kept waiting at the station, hoping for his owner to return. Day in day out, Hachiko waited never leaving his spot. When Hachiko himself passed away, a statue of him was put in his place. You can still find the statue there to this day, at the Shibuya train station.

How to choose the right name

When it comes to deciding on that one final name, there are a few aspects you can think of. These aspects are the length of the name, the sound, the complexity and remembering that you do not have to rush this decision. Before that, it would have been wise that you maintained a list. By maintaining a list you will be able to look back on the names you saw and think twice about them.

  • The length of the name
    The length of a dog name should never be too long. Longer names are easily shortened which will only confuse your dog. You might now that Lex is the same as Alexander but your dog will not understand. Besides that, a shorter name is easier said in hurried or emergency situations which will be easier for you.


  • The sound of the name
    A short name makes a good sound, but there is more to that! It is also important to think about certain letters. Letters that can be pronounced hard like ‘s’ and ‘t’ are very good for dog names! Dogs perceive these sounds better, which makes them perfect! Dogs love clarity and a simple, short name gives them just that.


  • Complexity
    This aspect comes quite naturally after the discussing the two things above. Clarity also means a name that is easy to pronounce. To a dog, his name is like a command. Which means that it should be clear and short, just like ‘sit’, ‘lie down’ and ‘stay’. Dogs will realize that a new command will soon follow after hearing their name but they will not understand that their name is actually a name.


  • Time
    Please, don’t ever feel like you should rush this decision! Choosing a dog name is a very important decision and should never be rushed. You are the one that has to call the name for the rest of your dog’s life so make sure you love the name 100%. Also consider the fact that you still want to like the name in a few years to come as well. Unisex dog names are a good choice but remember that this choice is always up to you!

Good boy and girl dog names

The following list is our own top unisex dog names! Let these names inspire you to find your own perfect dog name!

  • Abbey
  • Ash
  • Nicki
  • Sam
  • Shay
  • Bobby
  • Cooper
  • Buddy
  • Luka
  • Dino