Looking for black and white puppy names?

You must be looking for black and white puppy names because you are about to get puppy! That is very exciting and of course your beautiful new furry friend deserves a lovely name. Finding the right name can be quite difficult but you have come to the right adres! On 123Tinki.com we have a database of over 40.000 dog names which will definitely include a gorgeous one for your puppy in there. Now of course you do not feel like having to go through all those 40.000 dog names to find your perfect one. Thankfully, you do not have to. We have created lots of tips and tricks to help you find the right dog name and we have a very handy tool to help you sort out the names that you might like. This tool is our dog name generator. The generator can help you find names for black and white puppies but also many other names like brown dog names, dog names meaning red, Disney dog names and so much more. Keep sniffing!

What is a good name for a dog?

Besides wanting a name for your dog that suits him and yourself, the name also needs to be understandable for your dog. There are lots of things that influence this. The first thing to remember throughout this quest for the right dog name is to take your time. Honestly, take your time to think it through. It is not a race, you do not have to come first. Of course it is nicer to have a name as soon as possible but rushing will not be beneficial. Make sure you eventually choose a name that you love, your dog has to carry the name for the rest of his life! Which means you will have to call the name for the rest of his life as well, remember that.
Another thing to keep in mind is the length of the name. The longer a dog’s name is the harder it will be for you to pronounce the name clearly and the harder it is for your dog to understand you in every situation. A long name like Bartholomeus will easily be shortened to Bart and that can be very confusing for a dog, especially a young puppy. Keep this in mind and stick to a name that is short and simple. Best is to think of names of one or two syllables, three is really too much. As we said, those names will easily be shortened.

Dog name trends

Keeping dogs as pets has a long history. Especially giving dogs a name has developed through the years. At first, most dogs had the same name or were simply called ‘dog’. Nowadays you can literally name your dog whatever you want. Which is great! you can get creative, make up something yourself or name your dog after one of your favorite tv-characters! This is also helpful for everyone else because the chance that you might run into someone that called their dog the same, becomes less and less. A few decades ago it was normal that almost every dog type was called the same. Many dogs were called Jack, Rex or Nero. It was completely normal! Now it is nice to give your dog a special name, after all we have started treating dogs more like friends as well. Dogs are really apart of the family in our modern western culture and sometimes people do tend to go a little crazy. As long as you are happy and your dog is healthy, you are making good choices. Remember this. Everyone will have an opinion about the way you name your dog but do not let that influence your decisions. Your dog, your choices.
Now your new puppy still needs a good name, which is hard. Maybe one of the following famous dog names inspires you! After all, how cute is it to name your new Husky puppy after a famous sledding dog?


Lassie might be one of the most famous tv dogs across the world. Or at least in our western culture she is quite famous. Lassie is a Long haired Collie that goes on a miles long journey to reunite with her family. In the movie, the dogs acting Lassie were actually male dogs. This was because male Collies have a longer, thicker coat which was great for the camera.

Pongo and Perdita

The best example of famous black and white dogs! Pongo and Perdita are the proud parents of the 101 Dalmatians. Of course they are fictional characters but definitely a cute name for a male or female Dalmatian.


A beautiful example of a famous dog is the story of Japanese Akita, Hachiko. Hachiko walked his owner to the train station in Tokyo every day. When his owner returned after a long day of work, Hachiko was there waiting for him. When his owner passed away, Hachiko kept waiting. Day and night, Hachiko sat in the same spot. Later, after Hachiko himself passed, a statue of Hachiko was erupted in the place he always sat in. To remember Hachiko for his extreme loyalty. Now, you might know him from the movie that was made about him but it is based on a true story!

Puppy names for black and white dogs

Of course it is fun to give your dog a name that suits his looks. There are lots of dog names that suit certain breeds or types of dog. Dog names for German Shepherds for example. If you use our dog name generator you will be able to find names specified for a certain type or breed. So, you could for example select ‘black’ and ‘white’ and the generator shows you all the names for black dogs and all the dog names for white dogs. Besides that you could also search for dog names for black and white puppies and the generator will show you all the names that apply to those terms. The following list of names are examples of puppy names for black and white dogs.

  • Spot
  • Snoopy
  • Panda
  • Patch
  • Domino

Tips from Tinki

As we said before, it is best to pick a name for your dog that is not too long. The longer the name, the harder it will be. Think about it this way, every command we want our dogs to learn are short and clear terms. We do not teach our puppies to ‘sit down on their cute butt, please?’. No, we teach them ‘sit’. Keep this in mind and stick to a name that is short and simple as well.
Another tip is to practice the suitable names out loud. Maybe you have a nice list of possible dog names already. Then it is good to test how they sound. Maybe you are not able to pronounce it clearly or maybe a certain syllable or letter in the name cannot be called loudly. Which is important! You have to be able to call the name in every possible situation, so also in a situation where you have to warn your puppy for something dangerous. Think this through when practicing out loud. Does the name sound clear and fun? Then it could be perfect!

What does it mean to a dog?

As we said, a dog name needs to be clear and simple. Dogs do not feel the same about their name as what we feel. We know that the word ‘Max’, for example, is the dog’s name and we attach an emotion to it. To your dog this word is simply your way of communicating that you want his attention. Your dog will soon figure out that after his name, a new command will soon follow. Maybe this fact is a bit disappointing but do not think that your dog does not feel anything! Your dog does attach emotional value to you, as his owner. Dogs are incredibly loyal and although they do not have the knowledge to know their name is a name. They do feel. Different researches have proven that dogs can feel the emotion that you are feeling as well. This is why it is best to always call the name in a positive and happy way, then your dog will always feel good about hearing his name and he will always listen.

The sound of the name

The most important part of a dog’s name is the sound of it. You do not want a name that is incredibly similar to one of your other family member’s names or similar to a word you often use. Calling your dog Macy while your daughter is called Lacy is of course lovely but way too confusing. Your dog will not understand the difference, the name might be called too often and your dog will start to ignore it. Keep this in mind when choosing a name. Also think about other aspects of the sound. It has been proven that dogs respond well to harder sounds like ‘s’ or ‘t’. Also names ending on ‘a’ or ‘ey’ are good options. Good luck with picking the perfect name!