Are you looking for good boy puppy names?

Max, Charlie, Buddy, or Cooper are only examples of good boy puppy names. Good dog names are names that are well tested and known but at the same time very reliable. If you are not someone to take risks you can simply use this list to help you decide! There is no such thing as a wrong name, get creative! You can also decide to use one syllable of a name you like and one of another. This way you can create names like Coolie, Maxer or Bud! Although there isn’t such a thing as a wrong name, there are things that work better than the other. You can read all about dog names here, on!

Examples of good male puppy names

To get started on inspiring you a bit already, here are a few examples of lovely male dog names. Names that we really like but also names that are rated as best by our visitors!

  • Google
  • Buddy
  • Jake
  • Rocky
  • Dex

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The dog name generator

Good boy puppy names

To help you find good male dog names for puppies or to help you get inspired with finding the right name, you can use our dog name generator. This generator is able to show you a list of dog names that could suit your dog perfectly. You only have to select the things that you prefer and the generator knows which names to show you! This way you can find names ranging from Disney dog names to dog names starting with M to Native American dog names or something else completely!

The perfect dog name

Good boy puppy names-2

To help you find the perfect name we have a few tips for you! These tips are about the right length for a dog name and also the sound of it. After all, dogs perceive their name differently than we do! To a dog, his name is a command and it means paying attention to you. Dogs are smart enough to realize that after hearing their name, another command will soon follow. The perfect name can be found with the help of our tips and your own heart. Whatever you feel is perfect, most definitely is!

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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Dog name trends and history

The best male puppy names can also be found in past trends and in history! Through the years there have been many dogs that made a person’s life better. Some dogs only famous from movies as fictional characters but also a lot of actual heroes. For example war dogs or dogs that did something very meaningful. Maybe the following male dogs from history can inspire you!


The story of Argos is actually from Greek mythology! Which means that you cannot actually be sure it was real, probably not, but it is a very meaningful and beautiful story! Besides that, Argos is quite a good dog name! Argos was Odysseus dog but Odysseus left him and his family when Argos was still a puppy. Odysseus left to go to Troy and only returned 20 years later. When Odysseus returned he was disguised as a burglar, his family did not recognize him but Argos did! Argos whimpered and wagged his tail, then right in front of Odysseus he passed. Finally seeing Odysseus again, he had waited for so long. A very beautiful story about the unconditional love dogs give to their owners.


Another beautiful story about unconditional love and exceptional loyalty is the story of Hachiko. The Japanese Akita lived in Tokyo with his owner. Hachiko and his owner walked to the Shibuya train station every day, where his owner got on a train to work. Day in day out, Hachiko simply kept waiting at the station until his owner got back. When Hachiko’s owner passed away, Hachiko kept waiting at the station. Even at night, never leaving his spot. When Hachiko himself passed away, a statue of him was put in his place. Hachiko did only love his owner unconditionally, he also touched many people around him.


You might not know about Ricky yet but his actions were quite heroic! Ricky was a Dutch dog that served in the second World War. He helped in searching for mines in canals. In spite of being injured during an explosion, he stayed calm in order to not endanger anyone else. For his heroic deeds, Ricky received the Dickin Medal in 1947, the highest British distinction an animal can receive.

Through the years, dog names have changed. Just like everything else, they come and go. When dogs were first domesticated they probably did not get very special names yet. Years ago, when dogs were still seen as working animals they were simply called dog a lot. It was also very common to give your dog the same name as the dog you had before him, to keep things simple. Well if it was a good name, why not? What actually makes a dog name ‘good’? Keep reading!

Tips for choosing the right name

Our very first thing we would tell you to help you find the right name is: maintain a list! Every name you see and love, put it on your list! After awhile you will have a list with possible names that you like. Now you still need to figure out which one is best.
To help you do this we have some tips for you. Tips that really help you to see which names on the list make good dog names.

  • Keep a few things in mind
    Some things are easily forgotten when searching for something. You might be focussing on if the name fits your dog’s gender but are completely forgetting about other characteristics. Characteristics of your dog are things you do not have to think about but they can make the decision easier. Search for names that fit your dog’s breed, size, color, gender and personality. Of course you can give your big dog a ‘small’ name but you can also decide to give your dog a name that really does fit his size. You can choose what you want but it is good to keep these few aspects in mind!


  • The length and complexity of the name
    If there is one thing about your dog’s name that is incredibly important it is the length and its complexity. Your dog’s name is a command to him, it means he has to pay attention to you. Every command we teach our dogs are short and clear terms. We do not tell ‘Sweet Maxie to please sit down on his cute little butt.’ No, we tell Max to sit. This will always work best so it is important to make sure the name is short and clear as well. Stick to a name of about one or two syllables and make sure you can pronounce it clearly. Do not pick a complex name or something you cannot pronounce. You are the one that has to call the name for the rest of your dog’s life so make sure you are actually able to.


  • The sound of the name
    Something you can also check with the names on your list is how they sound. Research has proven that dogs perceive certain letters better than others. Strong letters like ‘t’ and ‘s’, which can be pronounced hard, are very good for dog names. For example the name Tessa or Sam are very good examples. Practice your possible names out loud, what do they sound like? Are you able to pronounce them in any kind of situation? If this all goes well, you might be looking at your one and only name!


  • Time
    One last thing you should keep in mind at all times is that it is completely okay to take your time. Honestly, you really do not have to rush this decision at all. It is important that you love the name and are completely sure about it. Think it through and do not let yourself get rushed by other factors. Even if you feel like you have to rush things because your puppy is almost coming home with you, don’t. If your puppy has arrived at home and you are not sure about the name yet, you will have enough time to practice the names. Watch how your puppy responds to them, you will quickly feel which name is best!

Best puppy names boy

Here are a few good male dog names puppies that we really like. In hope to inspire you and help you find that one perfect name!

  • Google
  • Dex
  • Cooper
  • Odie
  • Bumper