Looking for cute boy puppy names?

When trying to find that one perfect dog name for your new puppy you might find yourself a bit lost sometimes. Maybe you have been looking for ages already and just cannot seem to find the right one. Or maybe you just starting looking and would really like to find some inspiration. Either way we can definitely help you. On 123Tinki.com we have a very handy tool to help you find dog names that you like and would also love to offer you a few tips. All in all the right place to find anything you need when it comes to dogs!

The dog name generator

One thing that you might have discovered already is our dog name generator. This generator is our incredibly handy tool that you want to use when finding dog names. Since we have a database of over 40.000 dog names there will definitely be a beautiful one for your new dog in there and definitely some lovely cute male puppy names. Of course 40.000 is a lot and we understand that if you would have to read every single one it would take you too much time. This is where the dog name generator comes in handy. As the name suggests, it generates dog names. And trust us, it works just as easy as it sounds. After filling in a few details you will find yourself inside the database, once in here you will find a panel with filters on the side. These filters can be switched on and off to whatever you prefer. This way you are always assured of a list of names that conforms to your personal wishes. Every dog owner is different and every dog is unique! No name is the same either. If you are for example trying to find German dog names you are to select ‘German’ under ‘nationality’ and so the generator will show you all the German dog names from our database! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! This way you can literally find anything you like. Disney dog names, French dog names, unique dog names, cool dog names. Anything!

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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Complexity and pronunciation

Cute boy puppy names

The complexity of a dog’s name is a very important aspect. Namely that the name should not be too complex. It should actually be as easy and simple as possible. The argument is always that your dog has to be able to understand you at all times and in every situation, which means you have to be able to pronounce the name clearly at all times. Maybe you are able to pronounce a complex name most of the time but when your dog is about to get himself into a dangerous situation, your reaction has to be fast and abrupt. Then it will be hard to call a complex name quickly and loud. Say your dog is called Alexander, not very complex but quite long. Your dog is about to run off onto a busy street, chances will be high that you will be shouting Alex loudly since it is easier than saying his complete name. Best way to make sure you are getting things right is to practice out loud. Do you have a list of possible names? Practice them! Say them out loud and listen. Do they sound clear and fun? Then they pass the test!

Length and sound of the name

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As we also mentioned above, the longer the name the harder it becomes. Not only for you but also for your dog. Longer than two syllables is becoming too much. Long names are easily shortened and that creates confusing. Calling your dog Theodorus one day and then most of the other days calling him Theo will be very confusing, especially for a young puppy. This also an aspect that can help you scrap a few names from your list. Besides all of the above there is one more thing that helps your dog understand you. The sound of his name. Different studies have shown that dogs process the sound of certain letters better. For example the ‘s’ sound is often quite hard which is good. Also names ending in ‘ey’ or ‘y’ work really well. So for example the name Casey or Marley would be great!

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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A history of dog names

When it comes to dogs and giving them names, it all has a long history. As you might know, humans started domesticating dogs a long time ago. At first, these dogs were usually used for working. For example to guard, to hunt or to pull a carriage. Further on dogs were seen more as pets and friends rather than to work for us. A first example of this, and probably also the first dog name ever, is the story of a dog named Abuwtiyuw. Right, you might think we are making that up but no. That is actually a name!

When the Harvard-Boston experience led by George Reisner travelled through Egypt in 1935 they stumbled upon an inscription in the great cemetery west of the Pyramid of Cheops at Giza. This inscription indicated the burial of a dog named Abuwtiyuw. What is so special about this is that in that time, of great Egyptian kings and noblemen, only kings and noblemen were buried with honors. The fact that there, in the great cemetery a dog was buried is incredible. Turns out that the Egyptian King at the time loved and appreciated his dog Abuwtiyuw so much that when the dog passed, the king gave him his own grave. A remarkable example of the relationship between man and dog.

Through the years there have been a lot more special dogs. Maybe one the following famous dogs has a cute name that fits your new puppy perfectly!

A first story, and a beautiful one, is that of a dog named Balto. Balto was a sled dog that transported aid supplies in Alaska, He lived between 1919 and 1933. Balto played in an important role in the 1925 serum run. This was a mission where 20 men and 150 sled dogs transported a cure for Diphtheria from Nenana to Nome to prevent an outbreak from the disease. The mission was done within a record time of 5 days.

So maybe if you are about to own a sled dog Balto would be a beautiful name!

Another lovely dog that you must have heard of is of course the Japanese Akita Hachiko. Hachiko became famous for his exceptional loyalty. The dog walked his owner to the train station in Tokyo every day. When his owner returned from work Hachiko was there waiting for him. When Hachiko’s owner passed away the dog kept waiting. Never leaving his spot in front of the station. Day in day out, for his owner to return. When Hachiko himself eventually passed away the people that saw him daily were so moved by his infinite love that a statue of the Akita was put in his place. To this day you can still find the Hachiko statue at the station in Tokyo.

Did you know that Isaac Newton had a dog? It is true! Sadly the dog is not very famous for any heroic or exceptional acts. More for his ignorance. Newton’s dog was called Diamond and once almost destroyed 20 years worth of research! The small dog knocked over a candle and set Newton’s research papers on fire. Of course the dog had no idea what he had done and could not be blamed for a lot of it.

Tips from Tinki

Eventually you will have to choose one name and we have some tips for you to make it easier. A first thing that you should remember at all times is that it is completely okay to take your time. Really, you do not have to rush this decision. He is your dog and you are the one that has to call the name for the rest of his life. Which means that it really does not matter what anyone else thinks or at what time you think of the name. Some people know what they want to call their dog weeks before their dog is at home with them but trust us, a puppy simply being called puppy for the first weeks of his life is really not a problem. Besides that, if you are to bring an older dog home from a shelter you can also give him a new name! Do keep in mind that constantly switched between names is not beneficial at all so when you decide on a name, then it is final.

Because this decision will be so final it is important to remember the following things. Complexity and pronunciation and the length and sound of the name.

One last tips

If you have just started looking for dog names we advise you to maintain a list. Every name you find that you like, write it down! Eventually you will be left with a list of suitable names and maybe you are then able to see which one is the most perfect. Of course it could still be that after making this list, you still don’t feel like you have found the perfect name. Maybe it works to get creative. Take a syllable from one name and one from another, maybe they make up a lovely new name! Switch some around and have fun. That one perfect unique name might just find you.

Cute puppy names for boy dogs

Last but not least, a few examples of cute boy puppy names! These names are cute puppy names that we, from Tinki, like a lot.

  • Google
  • Simon
  • Odie
  • Dex
  • Charlie