Are you looking for girl puppy names?

Congratulations to your new puppy! Now all that is left to do is finding a nice female puppy name for your new four legged furry friend. This is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. It can be quite nice to choose a girl puppy dog name, you can get creative and choose a personal name to show the love you have for your dog. But there are also many things you have to take into account in order to find an appropriate baby girl dog name. How long should the name be? What should the female puppy dog name end in? What things should I avoid in a baby girl puppy name? There are so many things you need to think of and lots of things to avoid when you are looking for a female girl dog name. Luckily, can help you with that. We provide you with some tips, guidelines and rules so that you can easily find the perfect girl dog name. Furthermore, the dog name generator of provides you with many suggestions for baby dog names female. With some patience and endurance you will surely discover the perfect name for you and your female puppy.

What are girl puppy names?

Female puppy names are a certain type of dog name. On the one hand, they are suitable for female dogs, but they are also especially suited for young puppies. This combination often calls for very cute and adorable dog names. Feminine names are oftentimes a bit softer and less macho than male dog names. And for young dogs and puppies these kind of names are a great fit. One thing you need to think about when choosing a girl puppy dog name is that the puppy is going to grow into an adult dog. So with every baby girl dog name you consider, think about if the name would still be a good fit once the puppy becomes an adult. This is not the case with all names. Take the time to really think about it. Imagine yourself in the dog park with your now adult dog and imagine yourself calling the female puppy dog name you consider. Do you still like the baby girl puppy name for an adult dog? Then this name might be the one for your dog.

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Good girl puppy names

Girl puppy names

When you are looking for a female girl dog name, of course you want a good one. But what constitutes a good baby dog name female? Well, that is not that easy to answer. You are the only one that can decide what new puppy names female is good for you and your puppy. A good name fits all of the guidelines for a good dog name, but it also fits your dog’s appearance as well as her character. Furthermore, you have to like the name.

Tips from Tinki

A good girl puppy name needs to fit lots of requirements, but don’t worry. With the help of you will definitely be able to find good female puppy names. Once you have a list of a few good girl puppy dog names, you can go through all of the names and pick the one that fits your dog and that you like best. Just make sure not to rush the decision for a baby girl dog name, take your time and you will be able to find the best female girl dog name.

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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History of girl puppy names

Naming a dog has a long history, so baby dog names female have been around for a long time. The first reports of dog names stem from Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh used to give his favorite dog a name and even went as far as having him buried together with him. Dog names have changed over time, though. The dog names that were used in Ancient Egypt are difficult to pronounce and not really suitable for someone that lives today. In the 19th century there were dog names that might be easier to pronounce, but still not really suitable today. Or do you know a dog called Nosewise or Boilingbroke? Furthermore, there used to be way less choice of dog names. There were a couple of typical or classical dog names that you could choose from, but there was nowhere nearly as much choice as there is today. If you ask your grandparents they probably know a few neighborhood dogs called Buddy or Rover. Nowadays, dog names are more versatile and lots of people even use human names for their dogs. This is also due to the aids there are available to find dog names nowadays. A simple google search can provide you with an abundance of dog names to choose from. You can also use the dog name generator of to look for new puppy names female. Just put the search criteria of ‘female’ and ‘puppy’ in the interface and you are one click away from a whole list of girl puppy names.

Famous female puppy names from history

There are different types of girl puppy dog names from history. So there might be the right name for your dog between them. On the one hand, there are names of famous female dogs from history. There is Laika, for example, the first dog to orbit the earth in space. But there are also names of famous women from history that might serve well as a dog name. There is Joan of Arc, for example. ‘Joan’ could make quite a good name for your girl puppy. The patron saint of France could be a good namesake for lots of dogs. Then there is also Marie Curie, a Noble Price winner could be a good namesake for any female dog, so why not call your dog ‘Marie’? If you are interested in a baby girl dog name from history you can do your own research. With the internet and some books you will be able to find plenty names that might be suitable for your female puppy. Just take your time and really think about your puppy’s name. The right female puppy dog name for you is out there.

How common is it to give your dog a name?

It was not always as normal as it is today to give your puppy a name. In the past, dogs were used as working animals and often on farms. They were not always the companion, friend and family member they are today. People used to have a less emotional bond with their dog. And that could be seen in the names they gave the dog. Or oftentimes didn’t. Nowadays, you probably do not know a dog without a name. And that is also partly due to Western culture. In other cultures dogs are treated differently and are not often kept as companions and family members. So dog names play another role in those cultures. Names, if they are given, do not have an emotional reason, but are purely given out of purpose, so that the owner has a command to get the dog’s attention. In Western culture, dog names are given out of emotional reasons. You want a name that shows your love and affection for the dog. So instead of choosing just any female dog name, you are looking for a baby girl puppy name. Because your dog only deserves the best.

The trends around girl puppy names throughout the years

The trends around female puppy names have changed a lot throughout the years. It is basically the same as with human names, taste develops and female dog names that were popular a couple of decades ago, are not really used anymore, today. Medieval dog names include ‘Smylfeste’ or ‘Bragge’, most people would probably not even be able to pronounce these names. The names that were popular in the 1700s were a bit easier to pronounce, but are not really common anymore, today. There were names like ‘Scentwell’ or ‘Sweetlips’. In recent years it has become much more popular to give a dog human names. This probably developed out of the strong emotional bond most owners have with their dog. Dogs are often not seen as pets anymore, but full-fledged family members. There are many dogs called Oliver, Lucy or Maggie. It is a logical evolution of dog names, if you think about the fact that there are children that are called ‘Apple’ or ‘North’. People use the name to reflect their own norms and values and often want the name to communicate something. The bigger selection of dog names nowadays is also due to the aids for finding dog names that have become available in recent years. With the internet you can receive a seemingly endless amount of dog names to choose from. So take your time to really think about the name you would like your puppy to have.

What does it mean to the female puppy to have a name?

The puppy herself does not really care if she has a name or not. Dogs do not really have a concept of names. But they do learn their name as a command. And depending on the name that you choose, certain names are easier to understand than others. Dog names usually have a more important meaning to the owner. Dog names are often used to express the feelings an owner holds for his dogs. So they are chosen according to the owners preferences. Owners choose a name so that it emits a certain aura. Some people want their girl puppy to have a cute and adorable name, but others would prefer the opposite and are looking for a masculine and strong female girl dog name. So dog names are not only for the dog, but mainly for the owner. It is a tool for self-actualization and a way to express yourself. Other people will hear the name you choose and you probably want others to like it. So you will probably also take other people’s opinions into account when you are looking for a baby dog name female.

What role does the sex of the puppy play in finding a name?

The sex of your puppy plays an important part in finding a good name. The name you choose ultimately has to fit your girl puppy. The name not only needs to be suitable for a female dog, but it also needs to be a good fit for a puppy. So you are looking for a rather specific dog name. Girl dog names and puppy names go very well together, traditionally they are both supposed to be cute and adorable. So most girl dog names are puppy names as well. Of course, you could also choose for something else. Lots of people like to choose a name that counters traditional social norms and conventions. So instead of a new puppy name female that is cute and adorable, they want a girl puppy name that is strong or cool. Male dog names are often a bit different from female puppy names, if you would like you can also use them for female puppies, but most people use those names for male puppies. Another option is to choose for a unisex puppy name. This can also be handy if you are looking for a name but do not know if you are getting a male or a female puppy, yet. There are more than enough dog names for you to choose from.

Look for a list of female puppy names that suit your female puppy’s breed

A puppy name does not only need to fit the dog’s appearance, character and gender, but it also needs to be a good fit for the puppy’s breed. Not all names are suitable for all breeds. And some names are an especially good fit for a certain breed. Like Speedy for a Greyhound dog, Rex for a German shepherd or Jack for a Jack Russell. Most names are suitable for many breeds, though. So that does not need to be too big of an obstacle when you are looking for a list of female puppy names. If you would like a girl puppy dog name that really fits your puppy’s breed, you can use the dog name generator and put your puppy’s breed as a search filter. This will result in a whole list of names fitting your puppy’s breed. If that does not lead to the perfect name for your female puppy, you can just use the dog name generator to request many more different lists of girl puppy names.