Looking for Italian puppy names?

Hi there! Looking for a cute name? You have made a good decision to pick Italian puppy names. Here at 123Tinki.com we think that Italian puppy names are often incredibly cute. Now that you chose a category, which is really good to do, we can go further. We want to remind you that it is important to pick a name that is not too long, thankfully Italian names are often the perfect length! One or two syllables is enough, the longer the name the harder it becomes for your puppy. It will be really confusing for a young puppy and inconvenient for you if you have to call a long name first before getting your puppy’s attention. Then again, long names are often turned into abbreviations after a while which also creates a lot of confusion for dogs. Being called Theodore one day and Theo the next sounds like two completely different things for a dog.

From this list of suitable puppy names you can of course pick one. But you could also decide to mix them up! Maybe you like the first part of one name and the last part of another, do they go together? Get creative! At last we still have a few names for you that we think are incredibly cute Italian puppy names.

  • Pippa
  • Susa
  • Rosa
  • Tito
  • Luca
  • Bruno

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Cute italian puppy names

On 123Tinki.com you can also find a dog name generator, which is a great tool if you are still a bit lost in all the choices. Because we have a database of over 30.000 dog names, this generator is really handy. You only have to answer a few questions and based on these, the generator selects a few names from the database for you.

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Amazing! Because you already know you like Italian puppy names, the generator will select Italian names for you. Now you have this list of suitable names, what next?

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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