Are you looking for puppy names by size? offers you a selection of more than 30.000 dog names. They are all organized in the handy dog name generator. You can simply enter your search criteria and with one click you receive a whole list of puppy names by size. Just lean back and take your time to find the perfect puppy name by size. The quest for a puppy name by size can be lots of fun, but also quite the challenge. There are many things to take into consideration and other things you should try to avoid. can help you to find the perfect puppy name by size, just make sure to take your time and not hurry the decision.

Dog names by size throughout the years

There is a long history of puppies receiving names from humans. The first reported dog name comes from ancient Egypt. The pharaohs used to give their favorite dogs names and even buried them with special honors, something that was usually only reserved for noble people. This only shows how important dogs were to people, even back then. In the middle ages it was much more common to name dogs. They were not only used as working dogs, but people started to see their value as companions. And as those they deserved nice names. Dog names in the middle ages were a lot different, or do you know any dogs called Nosewise or Blanche? Even if you ask your parents or grandparents, they used to hear different dog names from the dog names we use today. Rover or Buddy were names that used to be pretty popular. One factor that facilitates this change are current trends and fashions. Today, other dog names by size are popular than only a couple of years ago. Another factor in this are the aids that have become available in recent years. There are lots of books and websites that you can use as inspiration for your own dog name by size.

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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Puppy names by size

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Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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Why it is good to search for puppy names by size

There are several good reasons why it might be handy to search for puppy names by size. If you look for dog names in general there is a good choice that you will be quickly overwhelmed by the big choice of puppy names there is. Then it might be smart to filter the dog names according to the appearance of your puppy. If you decide to filter dog names by size it will significantly narrow down the selection of dog names and you will have an easier time making your final choice. In addition, all of the names that do not fit your puppy’s size will be excluded, so you will only have to read through the relevant puppy names that will fit your puppy’s looks well. This is quite nice in a dog name, a  puppy name that fits your puppy’s appearance is quite personal and it will be obvious how much time and effort you have put into your puppy’s name. And it will definitely be worth it. You will be rewarded with a nice puppy name by size that perfectly fits your dog appearance. A dog name is for life and considering that you will have to use it for the next 12 to 15 years, it will be definitely worth it.

Factors to take into account with puppy names by size

When you are looking for a puppy name by size there are several factors you need to take into account. In order to find a good puppy name by size it is important to think about certain things beforehand. The first factor to take into account is that puppies will grow. Even your cute little fur-ball will grow into an adult dog. If you can avoid it, you should never change a dog’s name. This is bad for him and can set back your training that you worked so hard for. If you are looking for puppy names by size, you should take this into account. Only choose a puppy name that will also suit the grown dog.

The second factor to take into account on your search for a puppy name by size is the gender of the puppy. Female puppy names by size are often different from male puppy names by size. Typically female puppy names by size are often a lot more soft and cute. Typically male puppy names by size are rather strong and tough. But of course, you do not need to choose a puppy name by size that fits this scheme. You are free to also choose a strong female puppy name by size or a cute male puppy name by size. And if you like, you can also decide to look for a unisex puppy name by size. These kind of puppy names are meant to be suitable for both, female puppies and male puppies. So it can be quite handy if you cannot decide or like the ambiguity of the unisex puppy name by size.

In addition to look for a puppy name by size, it might also be good to filter puppy names by the type of fur. There are different puppy names for a big puppy with long fur than for a big puppy with short fur. This can be a nice option to narrow down your selection even more and it can make your decision easier. It is a great way to find the perfect puppy name by size for your puppy.

Another factor to think about before looking for a dog name is if you would like to look for a typical dog name or if you would prefer a human name for your dog. This is becoming much more common, to give your dog a human name. Make sure not to name your dog after someone you know. Not everyone likes to have the same name as a dog. If you really like a name for your dog and know someone that has the same name, ask for permission first. This will prevent you from unintentionally offending someone.

Finally, if you have several dogs, that is also a factor to take into account. There are duo puppy names by size, those are dog names that go very well together, like Pepper and Salt, for example. You need to make sure that the dog names also work on their own. You cannot guarantee that the dogs will stay together for their whole life. So make sure to pick puppy names by size that also work if they stand alone.

How to find a puppy name by size can help you to find a puppy name by size. You can use the dog name generator and just put in your search criteria. For example ‘big dog’ or ‘small dog’. Then you are just one click away from a whole list of puppy names by size. The best way to begin looking for a puppy name by size is to read through as many different puppy names by size as possible. Write down every name that you initially like. Do not limit yourself and create your own list of your favorite puppy names by size. The second step is to take that list and try to say some of the names out loud. This will not only give you a better feeling for the different puppy names by size, but it also ensures that you are comfortable pronouncing the different names. Only pick a puppy name by size that you really like to say and call out loud, even in public, because you will have to do that quite a lot in the next few years. If you know exactly what type of puppy name by size you would like, you can specifically look for that type of name. Otherwise you can also look for more general puppy names by size to try and get some inspiration first.

How do I teach my puppy his puppy name by size?

Once you have found the perfect puppy name by size, you will have to teach it to your puppy. There are some simple steps to do this, just stick to them and your puppy will learn his puppy name by size in no time. The first step is to create a positive association with the name. You can use treats for this, give one to your puppy every time that you call his name. Your puppy will quickly make the connection that he gets a treat for every time that you say his name and he looks. The next step is to say the puppies name when he is distracted. Reward him with a treat if he looks at you. The next step is to get the puppy to make contact with you. The next time you call his name, hold the treat between your fingers in front of your eyes. This teaches the puppy to look in the direction of your eyes when you call his name. Once you think the puppy has made the connection between you calling his name and him looking in the direction of your eyes, you can start to use less treats. Start by rewarding every second or third time and slowly decrease the number of treats even more. The goal is to get your puppy to look at you, even if he will not get a treat for it. After all, you should not have to reward your puppy for every time you call his name.