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Finding the right name for a new puppy or older dog can be a really hard task. Sometimes, a bit of inspiration and some tips can really help. You have come to the right adres because we can give you that, and more! On we have a database of over 38,000 dog names, all divided into many different categories. These categories range from things like cool puppy names to movie inspired dog names, dog names meaning blue, dog names starting with M and many many more!

Examples of strong puppy names

To inspire you a bit already here are a few examples of strong puppy names. These names are dog names that imply strength, mean strong in a different language or would suit a strong dog very well!

  • Stark (German for strong)
  • Tiger
  • Bear
  • Fort (French for strong)
  • Titan

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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The perfect name

Strong Puppy Names

What makes a good dog name? Or better yet, what makes a dog name perfect? That is something only you can decide of course, because if you believe the name is perfect then it most definitely is! Of course we understand that you could use some help with this. There are a few aspects that make a dog name good. We have a few small tips that can help you find the best name possible. The following tips are of course an advice. You do not have to stick to them but it can really help you find a good name. Different research has shown that short and clear names work best for dogs and how they perceive them. That is why we have listed the following tips for you!

Tips from Tinki

Strong Puppy Names male

The following tips are about aspects of a dog name that make the name good. Think them through and you will end up with your one and only perfect name!

  • Make sure the name is not too long, stick to one or two syllables long.
  • Just like the length, the name should also be simple. Do not make it too hard on yourself or your puppy.
  • Make sure you are able to pronounce the name clearly in every situation, does it sound fun as well? You’re really close!
  • Take your time in this decision, you do not have to rush things. Pick a name you love 100% and will still like in a few years time as well!

Find the best name for your dog! Choose from more than 30,000 dog names!

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