Tinki.nl, a Dutch dog website, and its partner Space53, the international drone test center, developed two Dogdrones to fight dog poo. The two Dogdrones - Watchdog 1 (WD1) and Patroldog 1 (PD1) combine drone technology in the air and on the ground.

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2 drones, 1 goal: fight the dog poo problem

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Dog Poo is one of the biggest annoyances in the Netherlands, and that is no wonder. With 1,5 million dogs in the Netherlands it is a serious problem. The average dog poops 2,3 times per day and a dog turd has an average weight of 100 grams. So the Dutch dog produces a substantial amount of poo per year.

Dog Poo is a bigger Problem than just stepping in it

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Drones Watchdog 1 and Patroldog 1: identify and dispose

There is not enough capacity to control and monitor if dog owners clean up after their dogs. With the drones Watchdog 1 and Patroldog 1 it is not only possible to detect it quickly, but also immediately dispose of the dog poo.

How does it work?

Watchdog 1 (WD1)

WD1 is an aerial drone with following tasks:


With a camera and thermal imaging WD1 is scanning its environment. The drone is able to detect dog poo while it still has the body temperature of the dog.


WD1 produces a heat map which shows the location of the dog turds. The drone translates the position into GPS coordinates and sends them directly to the ground drone PD1.

By receiving GPS coordinates PD1 gets the command to immediately dispose of the dog poo.

Guide PD1

Patroldog 1 (PD1) 

Patroldog 1 (PD1) is a ground drone with one job: disposing dog poo as fast as possible.

A beta version of the dogdrones is being tested right now. Especially the ground drones have to be further developed to get more capacity. The prototype of the PD1 is too small to collect large amounts of dog poo. Larger models of the PD1 are in development. Research is also done to find a smart solution to recycle dog poo. After all, it is about 100 million kilos every year.

Future and further developments

A lot of dog owners properly dispose of their dog’s poo, but a lot of owners do not. That is not only disgusting and annoying, but also a great danger of infection. Dog poo contains bacteria, viruses, parasites and worms that are especially harmful for children. Adults and other dogs are at risk, as well. Parasite eggs can survive for years and result in a danger of infection if dog poo is not properly disposed. Take a look at the infographic underneath to see approximately how much dog poo is produced very year in the Netherlands.

Danger of infection if dog poo is not properly disposed

Drone pilots wanted for further development dogdrones

The next challenge is finding volunteers that want to help to make the initiative a success. The first version are not unmanned yet because of current legislation. Therefore drone pilots are needed to operate the drones. Tinki.nl and Space53 strive to establish a network of enthusiasts and volunteers to face the challenge in the whole Netherlands. Together we can fight the dog poo problem!

Sign up as a test pilot for the dog drones

If you are interested in the initiative and want to become a test pilot for the dogdrones, you can sign up now. After signing up you will get a confirmation with more information about the further course of action.

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How Tinki.nl´s April Fool prank reached the world

Unfortunately you cannot sign up anymore! Read more about it here.

Space53 is the national test center for drone technology on the ground, in the water and in the air. Space53 is a cooperation of private and public players. It is unique in Western Europe because Space53 has its own airfield, a security campus and enough space to test and develop drone systems of all sizes. They are also in close collaboration with local research and educational facilities, like the University of Twente.

Tinki.nl is a comparison website for dog products. In addition, the website offers advice and tools to improve a dog’s life, as every dog’s happiness depends on the choices their owner makes. Tinki.nl is one of the labels of Elevar. Elevar is a company that tries to make everyday life easier and better through digital innovation.

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